Wednesday, January 29, 2020

A Winter Walk with Lila

                                                                     Hello everyone,
                                                             It was a nice winter day here
                                                             yesterday and I was fortunate to
                                                             have my granddaughter Lila come
                                                             and stay with me for the day.


               So we decided to go out
               for a walk in the woods
                    and why not make the most
                     of it and don a pretty winter
                          costume from Winner's several
                            years ago. Of course,I wanted to
                              capture it so my camera came too.
Walking to the woods behind
our Boathouse.

Over the years other granddaughters
have donned this winter white costume
and had their photos taken in it as well.

It was a perfect day!

                                              I hope we get to have another fun day
                                              together soon.

                                                 Thanks for stopping by!          


Tuesday, January 28, 2020

My Red & White Transferware Teapot Collection

           Hello everyone,

                I hope you had a great weekend.

              This morning I took some time to
            take some photos of my red and
      white transferware teapots.
            The teapot above is an antique
teapot from Japan.

I found this one in an antique
shop in Maine.

This English ironstone teapot is
one I often use.

Nancy B this is for you
as you asked about the plate pattern.

I have several pieces of this set
called Florence by Skye McGhie.


A British Castles teapot for one.

 A Johnson Brothers teapot
with British Castles.
The large platter is Vista
by Mason.

A smaller Venetian teapot with
Vista teacups.

                                                       It is time for tea with
                                                       my Venetian teapot.I
                                                       am enjoying my white tulips.

                                            Well, now you have seen my red
                                                      and white transferware teapot
                                                      collection that I have picked up
                                                      here and there over the past
                                                      number of years. I have them
                                                      on display in my glass fronted
                                                      cupboards in our kitchen so I
                                                      can enjoy them even when not
                                                      in use.
                                                                 Do you have a teapot obsession

                                                                       Thanks for visiting me!



Saturday, January 25, 2020

Valentine's Day Tea

    Happy weekend!

It is a beautiful sunny winter day
here again.

Even though I still have winter decor
up I thought I would do a Valentine
Day inspired tea today.

This little cross stitch heart 
adds just the right touch~
I love the little details.

     Polka dots, chintz,& transferwre
for my tea today.

I love having a pretty bouquet
of tulips to add cheer to
our winter table.

Winter seems to be moving right along
and already the days are getting longer
and the sun is getting stronger......before
we know it spring will be here.

Enjoy your weekend!


Sunday, January 19, 2020

Red Plaid Winter Hammock

Sunday Blessings,

It is a snowy wintry day here as another
winter system passes over the Island.

It was still nice out for a walk earlier
in the day and when I came back
I thought it was another pretty day
for another hammock photo shoot~
this time using a red plaid theme.

I think when the snow stops later today
those old snowshoes might be fun to use.

A plaid thermos and an enamelware mug
with hand knit mitts should warm things up.

This old hammock has been here for years
and the hooks have actually grown into the
tree, so it is now permanent!

                                          Well, it is time for me to warm up
                                                   by the fire with my hot cup of tea.

                                                           Hope you are having a relaxing Sunday!


Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The Magic of Winter

            Hello everyone,

We have been enjoying pretty winter
days here so I snapped a few photos
to enjoy in summer when I am longing
for snow ha!ha!
I am a summer person but I do enjoy
the beauty of winter too.

first I took a few shots around
our home and garden.

Gently falling snowflakes

           We enjoyed a  winter drive in the country .

       A winter walk at Greenwich National Park is
a lovely way to spend a morning.

Hope you are enjoying your week!


Friday, January 10, 2020

A Winter Hammock Day

           Hello everyone,

Well, we did get quite a bit of snow here
a couple of days ago so it
is a winter wonderland now for sure.

I mentioned in my last post that I
wanted to do a quick photo shoot
of my outdoor hammock.
So, a couple of throws and
a few pillows and my old pair
of skates and I was good to go.

The trees were laden and there was a good
cover of snow in the woods.

I am loving our winter here this
year as we can still enjoy long
walks outdoors in the fresh air
without getting too cold.
My husband and I have had a
goal to walk 10,000 steps
a day as a healthy choice for
a couple of years now.

                                          Now, I don't think I will nap out
                                                   here anytime soon but I did enjoy
                                                   my little photo shoot in the snow.

                                                                              Thank you for visiting!


Wednesday, January 8, 2020

A Winter White Day

                                                                   Hello everyone,

                                                     It is a beautiful snowy winter day
                                                     here today. There is lots of snow
                                                     covering the trees etc. but no wind
                                                     yet. However, soon the wind will
                                                     pick up and my snow day will
                                                     become a storm day.

A winter white tea warms me
up after my walk.

This is one of my favorite winter
white photos taken several years
ago in The Gardener's Cottage.

I am thinking it might be a good
day to do another winter hammock
photo shoot.
Are you enjoying some relaxing
winter days now that we are into
the new year?

Thank you for visiting!