Sunday, June 23, 2019

It's Lilac Time !

          Hi everyone,

I hope you are enjoying  this
first weekend of summer.

Our lilacs are in full bloom now
and I am enjoying lots
of bouquets.

We  have several different varieties
in different colors..I have forgotten
the name of these pink ones but they
make a lovely addition to my tea time.

They are all very fragrant no matter
which variety.

This vintage cocoa pot
makes a perfect vase
for lilacs.

It is a much better year for lilacs
this year then last summer.
You can see the common lilac in
the background from my husband's
grandmother's homestead is loaded
with blooms.

With lilac season soon coming to a 
close the peonies are getting ready
to put on their show next.

I hope you enjoy the rest of
your weekend and thank you
for taking the time to visit me.

Take care,