Saturday, February 15, 2020

A Touch of Romance

       Happy weekend!

             I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's
Day yesterday.
         My husband and I decided to take a
     little trip to Nova Scotia for a few
 days so I am a little behind here
on my blog.....again!

Anyway, it was nice to get away
but nice also to be back home.

I love this romantic tea set with
dainty rosebuds on it.

                                                           A beautiful big bouquet of
                                                            tulips is so cheerful at any
                                                             time of the year but especially
                                                             appreciated in winter ...for me at least.

A romantic tea time from from
several years ago.

Soft and romantic.

I love the heart shaped plate that
matches the teapot below.

A bouquet for you before you go!

Thank you for visiting,


Monday, February 3, 2020

A Romantic Afternoon Tea

    Welcome Tea Friends

     It is nice to welcome in February,
   a month with romance.

This is one of my favorite
teapots.....perfect for
a Valentine's Day Tea.

Some pretty vintage teacups

                                      A few pearls and a pretty faux
                                                     bouquet adds to the romantic charm..

                                                   Valentine's Day is getting close ...
                                                            do you have any plans to celebrate
                                                              the day?

                                                                      I am off to do some decidedly
                                                                  unromantic work in my daughter's
                                                                  basement as we are helping her with
                                                                  a reno project.....looking forward to
                                                                  seeing the improvements though.

                                                                     Thanks for the lovely comments
                                                                     on my last post.....Lila and I enjoyed
                                                                                 Thanks for visiting,