Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Our Little Secret Garden

Hello everyone,

Tucked in behind fences is
our little secret garden.
Many of you have seen it
before but is very pretty
at this time of the year.

                       The  blue arbor built by my husband
                         several years ago leads the way in.to
this little secret spot.

The white Deutiza shrubs are in
full bloom by mid June.

Did you notice the mirror at the back
with the statue in front of it. It
is to the left in this photo.

Last winter our old mirror broke after
several years of being out there all
year . I really missed it so I was
happy to replace it for $10 from
a yard sale.

       The bistro set was also a yard sale
find several years ago and I just
    gave it a fresh coat of blue paint.

I have had tea in this garden
a couple of times with different
I love the alliums that were
abundant in our garden this
spring. They are spreaders
though which is great up
to a point.

The garden is changing so quickly......
all my peonies are popping now
and the Korean Lilacs are in
bloom alond with the Canadian
Preston Lilacs so the garden
smells amazing too.
I took lots of photos so
I will share some soon.

Thank you for visiting


Thursday, June 17, 2021

Sensation Lilacs

Hello everyone,

I hope your week is going
It is such a beautiful time
of the year that it is hard
to take it all in.

I had a lupin post ready to 
share but somehow it disappeared 
twice so I decided to move on.
The lupins are beautiful here right
now as they grow wild along
country roads.

Sensation Lilacs are one of my
favorite lilacs.

An antique vase on the mantel
full of beautiful Sensation

A pretty bucket of lilacs
in the Boathouse nook.

The Wheat pattern teapot with lilacs
on the bedside table in the Boathouse.

Tea time with lilacs

Thank you for your visit 

Take care,