Friday, April 19, 2024

Relax and Enjoy

Hello everyone,

Spring is moving along here as the
garden is already giving us some
pretty blooms.
I will share some photos of it soon
but in the meantime lets relax
and enjoy some beauty.
Looking forward to dining outdoors again soon!
Picnic days are so relaxing!

Love hammock time on a sunny summer day.

The chaise in our sunroom is a good
place to enjoy tea time in early spring.

Spring time tea.

On a hot summer day the screened porch
is a good place to relax and enjoy
looking out over the garden.

Going green! I still love old wicker
in the garden....don't you?

                                                   Love being surrounded by flowers.
                                               Hope to be back with some new pics
                                                             Thank you for visiting!

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

A Romantic Mix

Hello everyone,

I am back today with a romantic mix
of  some of my older photos from
around our home and garden.

On a beautiful sunny day in our garden
several years ago now....a bit of Victorian

A romantic lunch on the dock by
our pond.

A pretty romantic tea in our sun room.

Our summer balcony
We are in the process of rebuilding the balcony
as after 26 years it needed to be replaced.
I am already dreaming of decorating it for
summer with potted plants again.

Spring bouquets

Our terrace with a romantic summer look
with an old iron bed and a vintage quilt.

Beautiful pink peonies set the stage
for a romantic tea.

Tea time
Do any of you remember this photo of our
Gardener's Cottage?
It has been featured in several magazines
over the years.

Another corner of the Gardener's Cottage.

Tea among the roses.

                                                Our little Boathouse nook.

                                                        Time for tea before you go?
                                                         Thank you for your visit and
                                                         I hope you enjoyed a look at
                                                         the past. We are in our brown stage
                                                         right now here on the Island but
                                                         the grass is starting to green up
                                                         and so much beauty is awaiting
                                                         us....can't wait!
                                                                         Take care,