Sunday, June 16, 2019

Peaceful Sunday

          Hello everyone,

        I hope you  are enjoying a peaceful day.
  I am sharing a few photos that I hope
you will enjoy.

The photo above was taken in our
Gardener's Cottage..... a good
place to enjoy some peace and
relaxation when the gardener
gets tired and needs a rest.

A similar shot of our Gardener's Cottage
is featured on Victoria's Cottage Style
magazine that is out now!

The ' Magicans White' Deutiza in full
bloom a few years ago in Martha's Garden.
It is almost ready to bloom again this

     A beautiful bouquet of roses

A vintage tea

A comfy corner in our kitchen
for tea.
      Beautiful bridal bouquets
   from a photo shoot a few
years ago.
Hope you enjoy some
peace and beauty in your
day today and always!