Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sunday Afternoon Tea

Hello everyone,

We have been enjoying beautiful summer weather here
and so I am enjoying spending my days out doors as
much as possible.
So that means enjoying my afternoon tea out in the garden.

Here, we are having our  iced tea on the porch of our little
Boathouse by the pond.

Another lovely spot for tea in our August garden.
There is always so much color in the garden in late

Tea among the peonies is always a pleasure.

A most romantic little hideaway surrounded by roses.

The allee garden is always lovely so you
can enjoy your tea time among the lilacs,
roses,nepeta and hydrangeas.

Early in the season is appleblossom time for our tea time.

Grab a pretty vintage teacup and join me.

Some tea time treats.

                                                                         A shady nook in our garden to enjoy
                                                                         breakfast and linger with a cup of tea.

                                                                     Tea and scones with roses.

                                                           An all white Sunday afternoon tea in
                                                                      the garden is so elegant.
                                                                      So go ahead and pick your favorite spot
                                                                      for a relaxing Sunday afternoon tea!

                                                                            Hope you enjoy a relaxing day surrounded
                                                                       by the beauty of nature!

                                                                                  Thank you for visiting,