Saturday, May 18, 2019

Lilac Favs

                   Happy weekend!

                  I hope you enjoy a beautiful weekend.
                  Not sure what your weather is like but
                     here on the Island (PEI) it is staying cool
                          and rainy for the most part and I am looking
                  forward to better weather soon...I hope!
               In the meantime though the garden is
                       coming along and I see lots of flower buds
                on our lilac bushes so good things are

So, while I wait I enjoyed a look
back at some photos I took in
previous years of our garden

                   Lilacs in our garden

                                                           Pretty lilacs and beautiful
                                                           mauve transferware.

                A beautiful lilac bouquet with
my antique china.

        More lilacs in the garden

A beautiful bouquet of lilacs in an
antique cocoa pot on our screened
porch with the antique quilt.

Another big bouquet in a pretty

                                                                    A collage of  lilac bouquets
                                                      Over the years we have planted many
                                                      different varieties of lilacs all with
                                                      a lovely fragrance.
The lilacs behind me are Preston Lilacs
which bloom after the French Lilacs so
it extends the season. They are also
very fragrant but different from
the French ones.

        A sink full of lilacs getting
ready for bouquets.

                                                   You can see why I am looking
                                                   forward to lilacs season again,
                                                   coming soon!
                                                          Each day there are more blooms
                                                    in the garden as the spring bulbs are
                                                    putting on their show happy to
                                                    have some color in the garden and blooms
                                                    for bouquets again.

                                                                       Enjoy your weekend!