Saturday, April 7, 2018

Blog Break

                                                        Happy weekend!

                                               I just popped in to let you know that I am
                                              taking a blog break. Hopefully, I will be
                                              back in a week or two.

                                               I hope your spring is going well.
                                               I see some tulips and daffodils etc.
                                               poking up in the garden so soon
                                               there will be lots to share!

                                                              Take care


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Welcome Spring!

                                                                   Welcome Spring!

                                                   I am always excited to welcome spring!

                                                   We had a milder winter with
                                                   hardly any snow this year so most Islanders
                                                   were happy with that...all but outdoor winter
                                                   sports fans anyway.

                                                   Soon, I will be making daily checks around the
                                                   garden to see what is starting to show signs of
                                                    life. Our spring here tends to drag out a bit and
                                                    we often get an early spring snowfall or two,
                                                    but still we know spring is on the way!

Little bouquets of tulips
brighten our dining table.

English Ironstone and tulips
are ready for an afternoon
tea time.

Displaying my red and white
tranferware tureen and covered

                                                             I love bright and sunny days with
                                                             the sun streaming in.

Late spring garden

I am looking forward to lots of
spring color in our garden soon!

Happy Spring!