Tuesday, January 15, 2019

For the Love of Transferware

                   As many of you know I love
            transferware dishes in all
        colors so I thought you
       might like to see a few
     vignettes some of my

Friendly Village

                           I do have some green/teal and white transferware
    but it is harder to find around here.

Blue and white transferware is one
of my biggest collections.

Teal green on display
I love this teacup but I
have never seen any
other pieces of it around

Red and white transferware is probably
my largest collection. I gather them
over time and often one piece at
a time.

The above teapot is made in Japan
and is very old.

                                                                      Blue and white always
                                                                      looks so fresh.

And it would be hard not to love
this soft brown and white teapot.
I have a couple of cupboards with
brown and white transferware but
you would be here all day if I
shared all of my collections!
I have a small collection of
black and white transferware.

I love this soft mauve and white teacup
with the old teapot.

          Do you  collect transferware too? It 
seems hard for me to pass on it
when I see it at thrift  shops.

             Hope you are enjoying these January

Thank you for visiting!