Friday, October 18, 2019

Autumn on the Island

                                                           Hello everyone,

                                                 I hope you had a good week.We are
                                                 our beautiful autumn foliage colors
                                                 here on the Island.
                                                    So, my husband and I took a few
                                                 afternoon drives in the country to
                                                 enjoy the beauty of the Island in all
                                                 it's autumn splendor.
One beautiful afternoon we took
a drive down east. This shot was
taken in Montague.

Knox's Dam is always a beautiful
place to go in any season
but especially fall and winter
after a fresh snowfall.
I love how the house blends so well
with the beautiful surroundings.

It was a beautiful sunny and calm day.

I have more photos to share
of other areas that we enjoyed
but hopefully another day.

Hope you are enjoying the beauty
of nature in your area as well.

We have started our fall garden
cleanup so another season in
the garden is coming to a close.

Have a lovely weekend!