Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Random Bits

Hello everyone,

Today, I am sharing a little mix of
photos that I took recently.

Above, is a beautiful set of Aynsley
china that I recently found while

Our Boathouse in the snow.

                                                 A teatime with my granddaughter
                                                 Jessie. It is hard to believe she
                                                 will be graduating from  high school
                                                  in a few short months.

A spring time tea in late winter.

I have been dreaming of getting
into the garden lately.....what
about you?

                                        A spring bouquet of tulips
                                                 bring cheer.

                                                 I have finally joined instagram so
                                                 if you would like to follow along
                                                 there,I would love to have you.

                                                 Also, you can sign up to have my blog
                                                 posts sent to your inbox if you sign up
                                                 on the top right of my blog. Thank you
                                                 to all who follow or even just pop in
                                                 once in awhile.

                                                                    Take care,


1 comment:

Bernideen said...

What an adorable Granddaughter. I know you have a large family. We only have 2 grands and our Granddaughter is graduating from HS too and our Grandson is graduating from the University of Missouri. Lovely photos here as we all yearn for spring. Our bulbs are popping up and some blooming but snow expected tonight. WE look forward to your lovely garden in the months ahead.