Saturday, March 18, 2023

Garden Dreams

Hello everyone,

With spring quickly approaching it is
time for a little garden dreaming.

I am really looking forward to seeing
the return of new growth and
beauty in the garden again.
I am sure all you gardeners
feel the same way.

Sadly this arbor and fence got destroyed by the
heavy winds of Fiona last fall so it will
be awhile before it can be fixed.

A foggy morn

Clematis climbing on the lamp post and birdhouse
give color and height in the garden.


This will be one of the first bits
of beauty to arrive in the spring garden.

Phlox with Annebelle hydrangeas
in the background.

Annebelles are easy to grow here
and as they spread we divide
and move them around the
garden can never have too
many hydrangeas!

I love the richness of this
dark red peony.

Peony,lilac and rose favorites!

I have many different varieties
of peonies and lilacs.


You have to love these beautiful Sensation Alliums
and they also spread around the garden.

Lupin season is so pretty

Love blues in the garden

Six Hills Giant Nepeta and roses

                                                   Shasta daisies and roses

A balcony view on a foggy morn

I may have got carried away
with my peony pics.

A nice shady place to relax

We just got a fresh coat of snow here
but it won't last long and before
we know it there will be 
lots of new growth bursting
through the ground and trees
coming into bud.
In the meantime spring
cleaning awaits indoors.

Thank you for dreaming along with me!

Happy Spring,



Bernideen said...

So many breathtaking photos of beauty past as we await your beauty to come!

Wendy@Once upon a rose haven said...

Hello Carolyn,

It's always a pleasure to see photos of your beautiful flowers and gardens, so dreamy! I would love to visit PE island someday.



Carogil Farm said...

So sorry to hear about the damage from Fiona. I love your photos and cant wait for garden season to start!