Monday, February 27, 2023

In a White Light

Hello everyone,

I  hope you had a great weekend.

On this bright sunny but cold winter
day I thought  my color scheme would
be white today.

A sun room white tea with
white linens and lace.

One of my favorite white teapots.

Some pretty vintage lace children's dresses

An antique blouse with beautiful
creamy white roses.

A winter white tea


An antique dress for afternoon tea

A beautiful bouquet of white peonies.

This is summer tea from my
early days of blogging.

Our Gardener's Cottage 

The chaise in the window nook.

Creamy white tea time.

Winter white in the Boathouse nook.
I love nooks and crannies!

Winter white


                                                    Our summer kitchen

A white summer garden tea.

I am starting to look forward
to warmer weather so this
photo gives me hope of
tea in the garden once again....
but I must be patient and enjoy
the present season.

Thank you for visiting,


1 comment:

Marilyn Miller said...

I also am looking forward to summer tea times in the garden. They are so delightful.