Monday, November 28, 2022

A White Tea

Hello everyone,

I hope your week is going well.

Although it is raining here today
we did have some snow last week
for a day or two.
Now let's unwind with a hot cup of
tea. Can you see the snow out the

I enjoyed having my tea by the
bay window so I could enjoy
the snowy scene out the

I added some greenery from
the garden here and there
throughout our home for
that cozy wintry look.
I love this teapot that I
bought at Winner's several
years ago so I am using
it today.
The teacup is Eternity by
Skye McGhie.

I changed out the curtains for
the winter season to ones that
I had made several years ago.

I added some flowers to brighten
the day.

My tea tray is ready for another
I am having friends for tea this
afternoon so I am looking
forward to a fireside tea
and a nice to
catch up with them again.

Monday, November 21, 2022

A Touch of Rustic Christmas

Hello everyone,

It is cold here today so I am happy to
enjoy a hot cup of cocoa by the fire side
in our family room....hope you can join me!

I have been busy getting our home
ready for Christmas so we can
enjoy it on these long cooler evenings.

I love a warm and cozy rustic
look in our family room.

Join me for a hot cocoa and
a fireside chat on this cold
day. We don't have snow yet
but it has gone a little below
freezing for the past few nights.

Are you decorated for Christmas yet
or is it too early for you?

Here in Canada we celebrate our
Thanksgiving in October so 
I start thinking of getting ready

Thank you for visiting me today.

Take care,


Thursday, November 17, 2022

Christmas Past

Hello everyone,

It seems like our warm weather has past
so it has put me in the mood for Christmas/
winter decorating.
I am still putting little touches here and
there but most of my decorating is done.

I love to get it done early as the evenings
are long now and so I can enjoy the
coziness of all the mini lights
on the trees etc.

Tea nestled in by the fire is
always nice on a cold day.

Our library got a makeover last
fall and there are a few new
changes this year to share soon.

The dining area had lots of red and white

A  cozy Christmas tea time.

The photo above was taken in the
Boathouse of my

Today I am sharing photos of Christmas in
the past but today I started taking
some photos of this year that
I will share soon.

Thank you for visiting,


Monday, November 7, 2022

Autumn Colors on our trip to Quebec

Hello everyone,

I can't believe October is already over.
It has been very warm here and even
now we were still able to do some
outdoor painting which never
happens here in November.

This year on the Island we didn't have
a lot of fall foliage after Fiona stormed
through taking down lots of big trees
and blowing the leaves of many others
before they had a chance to change
their colors.So, we were happy to drive
to Quebec a few weeks ago now and
enjoy the beauty of their autumn colors
at their peak.

Once again we stayed at the Isle d' Orleans as
we love it pretty.

A vineyard 

I love the style of this little french cottage

A pretty pumpkin stand

A couple of the charming little villages on the Isle d'Orleans

It was a fun little holiday but soon the 
focus will be on decorating our home
for winter/ of my
favorite things to do.
We have a few more garden chores
to do and then I can move forward
with some fun stuff indoors!

Hope you have a great week and
thank you for visiting.

Take care,