Monday, November 21, 2022

A Touch of Rustic Christmas

Hello everyone,

It is cold here today so I am happy to
enjoy a hot cup of cocoa by the fire side
in our family room....hope you can join me!

I have been busy getting our home
ready for Christmas so we can
enjoy it on these long cooler evenings.

I love a warm and cozy rustic
look in our family room.

Join me for a hot cocoa and
a fireside chat on this cold
day. We don't have snow yet
but it has gone a little below
freezing for the past few nights.

Are you decorated for Christmas yet
or is it too early for you?

Here in Canada we celebrate our
Thanksgiving in October so 
I start thinking of getting ready

Thank you for visiting me today.

Take care,


1 comment:

Fiordelisa said...

Thank you for the invitation to join you for hot cocoa! Would tomorrow be okay? : -) The fire looks so warm and the little houses on the mantel, too. And I had forgotten the charm of a simple turned-wood candlestick. Love it... Blessings to you...