Sunday, November 28, 2021

Christmas in the Porch

Hello everyone,

I hope you are enjoying your
Last evening my husband and I
enjoyed strolling the streets of
downtown Charlottetown(PEI)
taking in all the pretty lights
and the vendors set up along
Queen St. for our annual
Victorian Christmas.
You can check out some
beautiful photos and get
more info for this and upcoming

However, getting to my Christmas
in the porch/entry theme.....

We gave our porch a makeover a few
weeks ago.It is not safe to leave me
with a can of paint!
My husband built an open closet
for baskets of mitts,hats etc.
and we built in an electric fireplace
with a cedar surround so I think
it adds a warm and cosy first
impression coming into our

I love this old church window
from our local Restore.
We plan to put mirrors in
the middle part after Christmas.
I think it adds some unique charm
in the hallway coming in from the
screened in porch.

The cedar bench my husband built
is perfect for sitting on to remove
outdoor footwear.

The plaid/tartan throw and pillow give
a warm winter vibe.
These very old skates were a 70 mile
yard sale find a few years ago.

We are enjoying the changes in our
little porch. 

Blessings to you on this first
Sunday of Advent.

Thank you for visiting!


Thursday, November 25, 2021

Winter White Tea Times

Hello everyone,

I hope your week is going well.
We are having a wet one here.

I love having all the Christmas
lights twinkling throughout
the house on these dark
dreary days.

It is a good time to enjoy a
cup of tea by the fireside.

                                                    Today, I am sharing some winter
                                                    white tea times from the past.

This winter tea was taken in
the Boathouse.

                                                     Love these sugar sheep cookies.

Winter whites

These small teapots and
the pretty stand came
from Winner's several
years ago.

You can't get much more wintry white
than this!

So far we haven't had snow here yet
but one day soon I think.

Thank you for joining me for my
winter white tea times. 

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my
American friends!

Take care,


Friday, November 19, 2021

A Little Bit of Christmas

Hello everyone,

I have been enjoying having
all our Christmas decor up
for the past few days.
I love how all the lights and
greenery give our home
a warm cozy look.
It makes the long evenings
so much cozier and even
on a rainy day like to day
I enjoy snuggling in.

I went to our little Boathouse
nook last week on a warm
day and gave it a winter
 look. Whenever,we get some
snow I will get some nice wintry
shots to share.

                                                    A cozy nook

                                                     I took this shot from across the
                                                     pond last week.

I have to say that I do enjoy a 
pretty snowfall!

How about you......are you getting
your Christmas decor up yet?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Friday, November 12, 2021

Autumn Days

Hello everyone,

We are enjoying such a lovely
autumn here. I notice that
tender annuals are still blooming
in pots on doorsteps which doesn't
usually happen here this late in
the season.

Did I mention that after our library
project we decided to give our
porch/ mudroom a makeover?
We were happy with the color paint
we used in the library so we did the
porch the same color Wrought Iron
by BM.
This is just a little preview of it.
My husband built the bench with
cedar and I painted and made the
pillows and curtains so it kept us
both busy for a couple of days.

Thank you for your lovely comments
on our library. Here is another shot
of the angle I missed last time.

This beautiful large platter was on display
for the fall here but coming down now
to make room for Christmas......
coming soon!

I got this platter a few years ago at the
70 mile yard sale which due to covid
restrictions we haven't had for the past
two years but hopefully next fall it
will return.

Just in case you wanted to know the maker
of the platter I took a shot of the back for you.

It is still lovely to enjoy relaxing
by our pond.

The garden has been all cleaned up
now but there is still some
autumn colors left.

After coming in from our lovely
autumn walks we enjoy a cup of
tea by the fire this time of the year.

Thank you for visiting me,


Thursday, November 4, 2021

Our Library Makeover

Hello everyone,

I hope you are having a good
week. It is hard to believe it is
November already.

I think I mentioned that we
were giving our library a makeover.

We painted the walls and fireplace
Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore.

It was a bit scary at first but when we
got the room all done and put back
together we were happy with it.

I am still tweaking it a bit and
the mirror has already been
switched out for an antique
one which I like better but
I haven't taken a new photo
of it yet.

I added some houseplants to give
it some color.

I just realized that I didn't take a photo
from the angle that shows the bookcases
so I will do that soon. I am looking
forward to decorating it soon for
After we finished this room we went
on to the porch/mudroom and 
gave it a new look as well.

If you would like to see what it
looked like before check it out

Thank you for visiting,


Monday, November 1, 2021

Pink Beauties

        Hello everyone,

    I took a walk around the garden yesterday
and picked one last bouquet of pretty
pink roses. 
I am amazed that annuals are still doing
well in gardens here as usually we would
have a killing frost before now.

I wanted to capture the beauty of
my little bouquet so I added
some pretty china to the mix.

Delicate beauty

Is there anything prettier than
a bouquet of your own garden

                                                I hope you have a good week.

                                                It looks like a sunny one here
                                                 so we will be putting our garden
                                                 to bed for the winter. We are a
                                                 little later doing that this year as
                                                 with no killing frost the garden
                                                  still looks pretty good for this time
                                                  of year. 

                                                             Take care,