Friday, November 29, 2019

Rustic Christmas Boathouse Nook

                         Hello everyone,

                        Well, I am back in the Boathouse
                            but in the nook this time....a great place
                     to curl up a book and a cup of tea.
                            I went with a rustic country Christmas
                       look this year.....maybe you saw the
                         little conservatory on the back in my
previous post.



                                                                 A cup of hot tea awaits!
Lots of plaid throws to ward
off a chill 

With some Christmas music playing
in the background you can enjoy a
little respite in here.

It looks like the snowshoes might come
in handy as snow is on the way tomorrow.

                                                 I love to make collages.


This is what I am thinking the Boathouse
may look like by tomorrow as the pond is
not froze over yet and if we get the snow
that is promised. Hopefully,a good
photo shoot day coming up!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, November 28, 2019

Rustic Country Christmas in Boathouse Conservatory

                                                                     We had a beautiful sunny day
                                                                      yesterday so I decided it was
                                                                      the perfect day to do a little
                                                                      decorating for the Christmas/ winter
                                                                      season in our Boathouse.

This year I am going with a
rustic country theme. 
Our little conservatory is
pretty small but it has lots
of light as we used old
french doors all around it.

A Friendly Village tea.

I love these old skates that I
have had for a long time and
you can't go wrong with plaid.

I think it looks nice and
cozy with the rustic theme.

In the past the Boathouse has
had several different looks...
not sure which is my favorite
but I had fun doing each one.
All, we need now is a little
snow to make it a perfect
winter retreat.

                              Next time I will share the nook
                          in the Boathouse also done
              in the  rustic theme.

                           I hope you enjoy the rustic
                                look in here as much as I do.

                             Happy Thanksgiving to all
                        my American friends!

                                          Thank you for visiting me!


Saturday, November 23, 2019

Christmas in the Boathouse Favorites

                                               I hope you are enjoying your weekend
                                              so far. It is a cold windy day here with
                                              a few snowflakes coming down. It is
                                               hard to believe that just a few weeks
                                               we were walking on our beach in a
                                               light sweater and today it is a hat ,coat
                                               and mittens kind of day.
                                                 I have been decorating our house
                                               for the season and will share photos of
                                               it soon.
                                                As, I was daydreaming about how I
                                                might decorate our little Boathouse this
                                               year I went back to see some pics from
                                               previous years and thought you might
                                               enjoy seeing some of my favorites.

The little nook is one of my
favorite spots.

This reminds me of an English
country Christmas.This is the
other side of the room from the nook.

I think this is probably my favorite
shot of all. It was one of our
first real snowfalls of the year
but the pond hadn't froze over yet,
so you get a pretty reflection in the
Quite often the pond is froze over before
we get a pretty snowfall .

                    I have to say I do love a beautiful
snowy winter day!

This is winter shot of the Boathouse
from a few years ago.

In case you don't already know my
husband and son built the Boathouse
about seven years ago using as much
recycled material as possible.
It is a short walk through the garden
from the house to our little at
home getaway cottage.

So, what about you have you
started to decorate for the
season yet?

Thank you for visiting!


Monday, November 18, 2019

A Late Autumn Afternoon Tea

Hello !

I am happy to have you here
for  my autumn afternoon tea.

This beautiful large transferware platter was
one of my 70 mile coastal yard sale
finds this year.
It is Wild Turkeys  Windsor Ware
by Johnson Bros. England..

I love the autumn colors and it
is  perfect for a large
turkey dinner.

A cozy Autumn tea.

I always enjoy these transferware teacups ....
especially in Autumn.

An Autumn tea with fresh
from the oven scones.

It is lovely to enjoy an Autumn
afternoon tea by the  fire.

I am wrapping up my autumn photos today
as I move into winter/Christmas.
Autumn is a short season for me as I
cling to summer as long as I can but
jump into Christmas as early as I
can. Although I love the beauty
of Autumn , while it lasts.

The above autumn shots were
taken a few weeks ago near our

Thank you for joining me for
an Autumn tea today!


Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Pretty Bits of Antique China

Hello everyone,

It has been awhile since I posted but
we are now ready for winter to arrive
as we have the garden put to bed for the winter
planted new spring bulbs and closed up the
cottage for the winter.

I took these photos a few weeks ago with
the  next to last of my garden bouquets.

I love the soft daintiness of this
antique china from a local
antique shop a few years ago.
Sadly, the shop has since closed
it's doors.
Although they are two different
patterns they coordinate very well.

The chintz teapot was a
thrift find. The light
seems to have distorted
the color here as it is all
blue and white.

Just a little sample of tea times to
come as I have started to decorate
for the winter/ Christmas season
and I am loving the coziness of
the fairy lights and greenery ,the
fireplace etc.

We had a very mild day yesterday but
overnight the temperature took a big
drop and we now have a dusting of snow.

I am off for my walk and then some hot cocoa by the fire
will be my treat.

Thank you for your visit!