Friday, June 28, 2019

Pretty Garden Bouquets

                 Happy Friday!

It is a very wet and windy day here today so there won't be any gardening
going on this morning. I do have a big bouquet of beautiful pink double French
lilacs though to enjoy on our kitchen table in an old transferware pitcher.
This will probably be the last of my French lilac bouquets for the season
so we better enjoy them while we can. Our Canadian Preston lilacs are just
starting to bloom now and they are beautiful as well and have a lovely fragrance too.



There are still some Sensation
  lilacs in bloom as pretty!

                                                                            Buckets of blooms on the porch.

                                                                     The lupins are in full bloom now
                                                                                and you will find them blooming
                                                                                 in fields and ditches all along our
                                                                                 country roads. I love them!

There are buckets of rain coming down now but the sunshine  returns tomorrow
so the garden we be thriving. So far our temperatures are staying a little below
normal for this time of year  and enough rain to keep our Island lush and green.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend!


Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Lilac Bouquets in the Boathouse

I am back with more lilac bouquets
as the season is almost over for the
French  lilacs so I need to capture
their beauty while I can.

The Boathouse always looks
pretty with some bouquets
placed around to enjoy.
                                                              The little conservatory at
                                                              the back gets lots of light
                                                              so it is a good place to take
                                                              photos even on a cloudy day.

Sensation lilacs and a snipet
of azalea blossoms.
Did you notice that the Sensation
lilacs are purple edged in white?

The pink lilacs in the foreground
are not as common around here,
but I love them too!
I love this old cupboard/small dresser
that I got at a yardsale a few years ago~
I think it is perfect for the Boathouse.

      Time for tea anyone?

Hope you have a great day!


Sunday, June 23, 2019

It's Lilac Time !

          Hi everyone,

I hope you are enjoying  this
first weekend of summer.

Our lilacs are in full bloom now
and I am enjoying lots
of bouquets.

We  have several different varieties
in different colors..I have forgotten
the name of these pink ones but they
make a lovely addition to my tea time.

They are all very fragrant no matter
which variety.

This vintage cocoa pot
makes a perfect vase
for lilacs.

It is a much better year for lilacs
this year then last summer.
You can see the common lilac in
the background from my husband's
grandmother's homestead is loaded
with blooms.

With lilac season soon coming to a 
close the peonies are getting ready
to put on their show next.

I hope you enjoy the rest of
your weekend and thank you
for taking the time to visit me.

Take care,

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Garden Blues

  Hello everyone,

Another June week is almost over and
our garden seems to have the blues.
The weather has been lovely lately and
the garden is ever changing.

This has been my best year
ever for alliums. I have been
spreading their seeds around
the garden and it seems they
are really catching on!

I love these easy care plants.

                                                                   It is lupin season here as
                                                                   well with some in our garden
                                                                   and lots more growing wild
                                                                  around our country roads.
Lilac season is also here
and I am enjoying their
beauty and fragrance.

I love this time of the year with
so much beauty everywhere.
                                             Just a quick peek at our garden
                                                      today but much more to come!

                                                                          Thanks for your visit,


Sunday, June 16, 2019

Peaceful Sunday

          Hello everyone,

        I hope you  are enjoying a peaceful day.
  I am sharing a few photos that I hope
you will enjoy.

The photo above was taken in our
Gardener's Cottage..... a good
place to enjoy some peace and
relaxation when the gardener
gets tired and needs a rest.

A similar shot of our Gardener's Cottage
is featured on Victoria's Cottage Style
magazine that is out now!

The ' Magicans White' Deutiza in full
bloom a few years ago in Martha's Garden.
It is almost ready to bloom again this

     A beautiful bouquet of roses

A vintage tea

A comfy corner in our kitchen
for tea.
      Beautiful bridal bouquets
   from a photo shoot a few
years ago.
Hope you enjoy some
peace and beauty in your
day today and always!


Friday, June 14, 2019

EvenTide Cottage

Hello everyone,

I have shared a few photos of the little cottage
next door that my daughter and her family
bought next to ours a couple of years ago and
fixed up to be a bright and cheerful summer cottage
from it's previous dark and dingy state.

Soon  I will share the whole cottage... now named

It is small but full of  charm and summer
beauty. You can hear the sound of the
waves lapping on the shore from here
and wake to the song of the birds......
what more do you need!

The tiny bedroom makes up for it's
small size with the amazing view
of the  beach below.

Very soothing and peaceful

Tea is ready. 

                                       If I had my camera right now I would run
                                                  over and take a shot of the cruiseship just
                                                  coming in as you have a good view of it
                                                  right from the bedroom but alas I forgot
                                                  my camera at home but another day!
                                                  This shot was take at low tide on our south
                                                  shore beach.
                                                                        The view from the bedroom.

                                                                    The view is always changing from high
                                                                    tide to low,calm or wavy,sunny or rainy
                                                                    and morning to evening.
                                                                    Someday soon I will share the before
                                                                    and after pics as I think they did an
                                                                    amazing job of fixing up this little
                                                                    summer cottage by the sea.

                                                                                    Thank you for visiting!


Wednesday, June 12, 2019

A Walk in the Park

         Hello everyone,

On these beautiful sunny warm days  my husband

and I have been enjoying our  daily walks
in the park at Fort Amhearst just a couple of
kilometers from our cottage.

It is very beautiful there and you can
enjoy both woodland and coastal views
as it overlooks the Charlottetown harbour.

An evening stroll is lovely as well.

There are actually a couple of lighthouses
in the park and the beautiful Blockhouse
Lighthouse is also in view from here as well.

Thank you for joining me today and
if you would like to see one of my
favorite photo shoots of this park
click here to see a Romantic Picnic

Now, if you have time check out
another beautiful park on the
north shore of PEI. My sister
in law sent me this beautiful
link to a video made with her
amazing photos of her favorite
park ~ Greenwich National Park.

Watching it made me want to hop
in the car and visit Greenwich again!

I hope you have a wonderful day with
time for a walk in the park