Monday, November 6, 2017

Cottage Bathroom Makeover

                                                                            Hello everyone,

                                                          We are still enjoying warm weather here
                                                           so we have been enjoying some relaxing
                                                           time at the cottage.

     The bath room was very small at
   the cottage when we bought it last
year so we have extended it a bit
so we could add an antique cast
iron claw foot bathtub.
I like the old rusty look of the
tub but will probably give it
        a fresh coat of paint in the spring.

                                                                 We put shiplap on the walls
                                                                  and the ceiling. I left the ceiling
                                                                  natural for now but put a wash of
                                                                  white on the walls. The small
                                                                  chandelier was a thrift store find.

                                                                    The door was an old pine door that I
                                                                     bought at the Restore a few years ago.
                                                                     I gave it a wash of white as well.
                                                                      We put down an easy care vinyl floor
                                                                      that looks like a board floor.

                                                        The windows also came from the Restore
                                                        and the pedestal sink was a $25 yard sale find.
                                                         On the other end of the room will have shelves
                                                         built for storage.

                                                                   The before .....a small shower
                                                                   was behind the door.

                                                      I am loving the changes in our little
                                                                 cottage bathroom! Although there is still some
                                                                 work to be done to it, it will wait until
                                                                 spring. I have enjoyed the process of
                                                                 giving the bathroom a new look and
                                                                  love that we were able to do it on the
                                                                             Hope you have a great week and
                                                                         thank you for visiting me.



Down Raspberry Lane said...

I think this is about the sweetest bathroom I've ever seen. I can't believe you found that sink at a yard sale!

Britt said...

Hello Carolyn!

Your bathroom has been very fine. I like it so much.


Michele said...


Oh my word, I can't even believe that transformation! Love it, Carolyn! close is your new cottage to Aiken Gardens?

Pop on over for a visit when you get a chance, I miss ya. ♥

Sandi said...

Beautiful ceiling!

Janet Sanford said...

I am just in love ....Wow!! your bathroom is absolutely beautiful ..the windows are amazing ...the chandelier and the gorgeous mirror ...just make your bathroom an absolute joy ...well done ...thanks so much for sharing ..Kindest regards Janet of

thel day said...

What a difference. It is so much more beautiful now with all the beautiful furnishings you found.

Carolyn said...

Hi Michele,
The cottage is a 20 min. drive from our home.
I will be right over for tea!

Thanks everyone for your visit and kind words.
Take care,

Barbara Ayers said...

Totally adorable!

Deanna Rabe said...

Its great that you could enlarge the bathroom. The original was functional but way too small. I like what you've done with it!

VJ said...

Wow! It's gorgeous!!! I love all of the windows. And, is that the Souris lighthouse painted onto your little blue stool?

Carolyn said...

Hi VJ,
Thank you! No, that isn't the Souris lighthouse.


Sandi said...

You are so good at what you do! I could just stare at this bath all day long! Do you rent your cottage? I'd be interested if you do! Sandi from Cape Cod

Carolyn said...

Hi Sandi,
Thank you for kind words. We don't rent out our cottage as we are enjoying it as much as we can with our family but thanks for your interest!
Take care,

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Carolyn, your makeover is really lovely! Love the windows and the chandelier. Enjoy your weekend.

Garden Fancy said...

What a lovely transformation! And even nicer to know that careful planning meant you didn't need to spend a fortune to do it. Thanks for sharing the Before and After (those are always so satisfying to see, you know). Best, -Beth

The Charm of Home said...

This is lovely Carolyn! What a beautiful improvement with your makeover.