Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Touches of Blue & White

         Hello everyone,

I hope your week is going well. We are just
finishing up our outdoor chores here this week.
Our temperatures have cooled and we know winter
will soon be on it's way.

We drained the pipes at our Ocean Song Cottage
last week so from now until spring it will be
shorter visits with the woodstove going
and a thermos of tea to enjoy in my
coastal enamalware mugs!

                                                                I am enjoying adding little
                                                                touches of blue and white.

                                                        I was happy to find these handmade
                                                        cross stitch lighthouse pictures at the
                                                        thrift store recently for the cottage.
                                                                 Recently,I enjoyed a humble lunch
                                                                 at the cottage with friends on a
                                                                 beautiful sunny fall day.

                                               Well, my focus is changing here now as
                                                          our home is on a Christmas House Tour
                                                          on December 9th so it will be full steam
                                                          ahead with decorating for Christmas!
                                                            I will share more info on the tour as soon
                                                          as I get more. It is a fundraiser for a
                                                          good cause and there will be other homes
                                                          on the tour as well. I love Christmas house
                                                          tours don't you?

                                                                   Thank you for stopping by!



Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

So beautiful and fresh! Blue is so easy on the eyes. Love those striped mugs. Looking forward to your beautiful Christmas decorations!

Debbie Freitag said...

So pretty. We just moved to a house on a channel that leads to a lake. I'm trying to combine coastal décor with Christmas. Trying to break my traditional Christmas tartan décor. It will be fun to see how you decorate for your Christmas walk!

Susan said...

I like the blue and white combination, Carolyn. Also, there's nothing like a humble lunch with friends. Susan

Kit said...

I just love those cross stitch pictures! What a great find. Can't wait to see your house all decorated for the holidays. :) Kit

janice15 said...

It is all so very lovely. I love Blues and whites. And many tones of Blues.. it looks wonderful refreshing crisp bright.. perfect for winter, with love Janice

Marita said...

La combinación de azul y blanco es perfecta, me gusta mucho... Tus fotografías transmiten frescura y serenidad! Saludos!

nancy n. said...

I love that teapot. Who makes it ? I would love to find one. Thank you.

Michele said...

Lovely luncheon for your truly lucky friends, Carolyn! Everything looks delicious - what a pretty sunny day for it, too!

Congrats on your Christmas House Tour! I can't wait to see it - I ADORE house tours! ESPECIALLY Christmas ones, they're my favorites and there aren't many around here. (Which is a shame, actually, because there are so wow homes in this beautiful city.)

Good luck getting everything together! : - )