Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A Walk in the Park

                                                                          Welcome !

                                              Last week on a beautiful warm sunny day 
                                              my husband and I took a couple of hours off
                                              to enjoy a walk in a near by park at Fort Amherst.


                                                               These maple trees were probably
                                                               at their peek for autumn color.
As we cam out of the woodland
trail we had a good view of
the Charlottetown harbor with
a big cruise ship docked.

                                                                    I always love this trail by
                                                                    not one but two lighthouse.

A teepee was made in the park.

                                                              The Blockhouse Lighthouse can also
                                                               be seen from the park.
                                                                    Love all these beautiful autumn colors.

                                                             It was the perfect day for a walk in the park!

                                                             Wow! can't believe October is already gone.

                                                                                 Thank you for coming along,



Maggie Ann said...

Hi Carolyn, what gorgeous pictures! Was that lighthouse one that was used in the filming of Avonlea? It rather looks like it with the little porch and the railing up above. How I loved and still love that series. We are having a very cold-ish day with grey skies and chilly rain. But, after all it is the first day of November in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania. Time to make cozy.

Louca por porcelana said...

Wonderful landscapes in Fall colors!Thanks for sharing!Hugs,Maristella.

Marilyn Miller said...

What a gorgeous walk. Love, love lighthouses.

Garden Fancy said...

What lovely autumn scenes you have captured on your outing -- thanks so much for sharing them with us! Best wishes for a warm, sunny autumn. -Bteh

Barbara Ayers said...

Thanks so much for sharing the gorgeous fall pictures! Living in Southern California, fall is what I miss the most. Hope to one day spend an autumn on PEI. Good to see a shot with your nice face, too! Keep those beautiful posts coming, they are much appreciated!

Michele said...

What a lovely walk - oh my, you've captured the trees vivid colors magnificently, Carolyn!

The harbour - and those lighthouses - WOW!

And a rare glimpse of beautiful you....what a lovely treat!

♥ Hugs.

VJ said...

I photograph lighthouses as a hobby (just started instagram: ladyloves lighthouses), and my (tied for) favourite lighthouse is Blockhouse Point! When they decommissioned it, do you know if the community was able to buy it? I think they had hoped to do so, in order to fix it up and rent it out as a Stay in a Real Lighthouse type of tourist attraction. It would be awesome to be able to stay there. I love beautiful PEI. It must be interesting in the winter!
Anyway, thank you for posting pictures of your walk. I've walked that way a few times, on trips to the Island, but never in fall, when the leaves are turning colour. It's gorgeous!

Carolyn said...

Hi Maggie,
No, it is not the lighthouse used in filming Avonlea. I enjoyed watching that series too!

Hi VJ,
Blockhouse lighthouse is a beautiful lighthouse. I think it is still unsettled if the community/committee will be able to take it over but it is starting to decline so hopefully something is done soon. It would be a beautiful place to stay for sure.
I also love photographing lighthouses.
PEI is beautiful in winter too.....come and see!
Thanks everyone for your visits.