Thursday, November 30, 2017

Old Fashioned Christmas

           Hello everyone,

             I hope your week is going well.
                   Today, I had my little granddaughter
                 with me for the day as she recovers
               from a cold. So, I put her to work
                   helping me make these dried orange
               slices for our little Christmas tree.
               Abby enjoys crafts so it was right
        up her alley!

                                                                        We also added some little bundles
                                                                         of cinnamon sticks.
                                                                            Abby hard at work.
                                                               I love the coziness of these enamalware
                                                                pieces with the vintage plaid throw.

                                                  Abby wanted to know where I came up with
                                                             this great idea and I had to tell her it was an
                                                             old fashioned way of decorating for Christmas
                                                             instead of the store bought shiny baubles.
                                                               It was a fun little project and I plan to do
                                                             another batch soon.....much to Abby's delight!

                                                                I wonder if Abby needs another sick day tomorrow!!!

                                                                                                Thanks for visiting,



Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Wintry Sun Room Tea

              Hello everyone,

               I am busy getting our home ready for
                   the Christmas season as I am sure many
        of you are as well.

But for a little break it is nice to
enjoy a cup of tea in the sun room,
where it is nice to snuggle into a
warm furry throw in a comfy old
chair with a footstool.

          To go with my wintry look we even had a 
       few cm. of snow overnight.

The tea is ready and I have
used my Christmas tea cup.

I replaced my pink and white china
with my favorite Christmas dishes.
Mostly Friendly Village but a few
similar patterns mixed in since I
am always happy with mix and match.
                                                                          Friendly Village by
                                                                          Johnson Brothers.

                                                                I have collected a lot of village house
                                                                etc. but I am only putting up my favorites
                                                                this year so this church made the cut.

                                                             The warm fuzzy throw is from Pier 1

                                                          I will be happy to get all my Christmas
                                                                     decor up as it seems to leave me with
                                                                     a messy house until I get it all done.

                                                                     Just a reminder to any of my fellow
                                                                     Islanders that our home and 3 others
                                                                     are on a Christmas House Tour for
                                                                     a worthy cause, for more info check
                                                                     it out my previous post below.

On a different note this past weekend
was the Victorian Christmas weekend
in Charlottetown so we enjoyed spending
some leisure time there even taking in
a horse and wagon ride . There were
lots of vendors selling there homemade
We have an old sleigh like this one
so I am hoping to get time to dress ours
up like this one!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Past Christmas/Winter Teas

        Hello everyone,

      I hope your week is going well.
     I think many of you are getting
  ready for Christmas or if you
    are an American Thanksgiving
as well.
However, I hope you still have
        time to relax with a good cup of tea!

I hope you will enjoy seeing
a few of my past Christmas/
winter teas.

            I love my red & white transferware
                    all year but especially at Christmas time.

A Christmas tea in the Boathouse.
Christmas fruitcake with teal

My cozy English Afternoon Tea.

I love the mix of plaids and
enamalware on this snowy
winter day.

                                                                         I love a cup of hot cocoa after
                                                                         a winter skate....well any winter
                                                                         day for that matter.
                                                                       A soothing winter tea

                                                                      A creamy white tea
A cozy winter tea in the
sun room.


As, I mentioned last week we are on a
Christmas House Tour along with three
  or four other homes on Saturday,Dec. 9th
from 1 to 4 pm
      This is a fundraiser for Fitzroy House Clubhouse,
a program of the Mental Health Association.
                 For more information call 902 566 5111 or to pick up your
tickets ($15) visit the Fitzroy Centre at
170 Fitzroy St.
Mon. to Fri. 8:30 to 4:30 or
Sat. 8 to 4 pm.

Hope to see you then!

Thank you for visiting and
Happy Thanksgiving to my
American friends.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Touches of Christmas

                                                                            Hello everyone,

                                                         Last week I took advantage of some down
                                                         time and relaxed at the cottage pulling out
                                                        some of my favorite Christmas magazines.
  The sun was shining in warming
the cottage.

I added a few touches of Christmas
to put me in the mood.

Some cozy slippers and a cup
of tea added to the enjoyment.

We just got our new
hardwood click floor
laid a few weeks ago
and it made a big improvement.

This window from the restore
also made a big difference in
the cottage giving lots more
light and extending the view.
Recently, I added the old
window frame with the blue
and white plates to add interest
to the wall above the window.
You know how I love my dishes!

I saved a seat for you~grab a cup of tea!

                                                     I couldn't resist adding some touches of
                                                                Christmas to our little seaside cottage.

                                                                Meanwhile back at home I am adding
                                                                Christmas/winter touches to the outdoors
                                                                before moving indoors.

                                                                              Thank you for visiting!