Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Wintry Sun Room Tea

              Hello everyone,

               I am busy getting our home ready for
                   the Christmas season as I am sure many
        of you are as well.

But for a little break it is nice to
enjoy a cup of tea in the sun room,
where it is nice to snuggle into a
warm furry throw in a comfy old
chair with a footstool.

          To go with my wintry look we even had a 
       few cm. of snow overnight.

The tea is ready and I have
used my Christmas tea cup.

I replaced my pink and white china
with my favorite Christmas dishes.
Mostly Friendly Village but a few
similar patterns mixed in since I
am always happy with mix and match.
                                                                          Friendly Village by
                                                                          Johnson Brothers.

                                                                I have collected a lot of village house
                                                                etc. but I am only putting up my favorites
                                                                this year so this church made the cut.

                                                             The warm fuzzy throw is from Pier 1

                                                          I will be happy to get all my Christmas
                                                                     decor up as it seems to leave me with
                                                                     a messy house until I get it all done.

                                                                     Just a reminder to any of my fellow
                                                                     Islanders that our home and 3 others
                                                                     are on a Christmas House Tour for
                                                                     a worthy cause, for more info check
                                                                     it out my previous post below.

On a different note this past weekend
was the Victorian Christmas weekend
in Charlottetown so we enjoyed spending
some leisure time there even taking in
a horse and wagon ride . There were
lots of vendors selling there homemade
We have an old sleigh like this one
so I am hoping to get time to dress ours
up like this one!


Louca por porcelana said...

Your china is stunning!How amazing!

Betty said...

Despite the temperature reaching Max.35C here today and not much cooler tonight, I love the look of your cosy sun room. Would like to share a cup of tea with you there. A little snow would be appreciated right now as well!
Happy days,

ann said...

Everything looks so cozy and warm. I alway enjoy the little houses and the way you display them. Enjoy the holiday season, Carolyn.

Marilyn Miller said...

I always love visiting your blog, but not fond of advertising popping up in the middle of your posts. I don't mind them to the side, but the middle is very distracting. Love your wintery look in this post.

Carolyn said...

Hi Marilyn,
Sorry about the annoying ads in between photos ....I wasn't aware of that as they don't show up on my computer only on the side or bottom.
Happy to hear you enjoy visiting though.
Take care,