Monday, February 29, 2016

A Spot of Tea

                Hello everyone,

               I hope you had a lovely weekend.

              Today, is another beautiful spring
          like day and  so after enjoying
                  some time outdoors,it was tea time.
             It is so exciting to see growth in
               our garden already as last year at
              this time we had several feet of
                         snow over all the beds.We seem to be
                       going from one extreme to the other.

On such a sunny warm day,
the sun room was my favorite
place for a spot of tea today.

      A pretty thrift shop teapot.

                                                                      Some macaroons from
                                                                      the Farmer's Market in town.

                                                                     Pretty pink tulips and a
                                                                     pretty pink teacup.
                                                                      This pretty pillow was a
                                                                       lovely gift from a friend.
Love seeing blooms on my
geraniums again.

Well, maybe I better make another pot
of tea as my daughter is coming to visit
and taking some nutella pie......sounds
great to me!

Take care,

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Aqua Days

                        Hello everyone,

               While spring is probably a ways off yet,
            it is very spring like outdoors today so I
           thought I would use one of my favorite
      spring colors indoors today....aqua.

                   I used my lacy chargers again
              with soft aqua plated from
                    Homesense with pretty vintage
         plates from a yard sale.

A table for two.

The aqua teapot is also from
Homesense and holds lots of

A beautiful bouquet of tulips
adds to the spring feel.

    A small corner cupboard holds
some of my aqua collection.

         A vintage tin makes a good
         container for the bouquet of
       tulips. A large glass inside
           keeps it from leaking and also
gives it more weight.

    Pretty aqua teacups.

    A pretty stack of aqua plates
and teacups.

    I love this vintage crochet heart,
    a lovely gift from a friend who
            knows I love aqua.....thanks Arlene!

Vintage teapots

   Do you love aqua too?

                    A small vintage teapot
for one.

                                             While yesterday was a good skating
                                                        day on the pond with my neighbor,with
                                                        all the melting going on now my husband
                                                        told me I better wear a bathing suit
                                                        if I was planning on skating on it
                                                        today.......   I think I will pass!!!!

                                                           I am joining BNOTP today for
                                                           Tablescape Thursday.

                                                                          Hope you have a lovely day!


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Pink Tea Time

             Hello everyone,

                 I hope your week is going well.
                    We have been enjoying beautiful
                   sunny days here...perfect for our
                       walks or even a skate on the pond.

                   But after some fresh air and exercise,
              it is nice to enjoy a cup of hot tea in
a pretty tea cup.

       Comfort and joy!

                                                                                 Simple Abundance

                                                                          Pretty pink teacups.

                                                                              Soft and sweet

                                                     Well, I better get my skates on
                                                                and get out there before the rain
                                                                expected later takes away the ice on the
                                                                pond until it freezes again.

                                                                          Hope you enjoy your day!


Monday, February 22, 2016

Gardener's Rainy Day Tea

                                                                                 Hello everyone,

                                                                        Hope you had a lovely weekend..

                                                                        We have been getting some spring
                                                                        like weather here so on a rainy day
                                                                         last week I had a gardener's tea in
                                                                         the sun room.

                   I enjoy the sound of rain gently
  hitting the windows.

                                                                      I surrounded myself with plants
                                                                      to remind me I would soon be
                                                                      out in the garden again.

             Tea and tulips.

                                                                                 Some spring plants
                                                                                 in my old transferware
                                                                                 soup tureen.
                                                                              I enjoy browsing through
                                                                              garden books to pick up
                                                                              an idea here and there for
                                                                              our own garden.
                                                                             Teal green transferware.

                                                                                More garden books to enjoy
                                                                                with a cup of tea.

                                                           With some mild days here there are
                                                                       some signs of life in the garden
                                                                       already so I have hopes for an
                                                                      early spring....thoughts to warm this
                                                                      gardener's heart!

                                                                                        Enjoy your day!


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Blue & White Transferware Lunch

                                                                                 Hello everyone,

                                                            As you probably know I love transferware
                                                           and although red and white is my biggest
                                                           collection, blue and white is a close second.

So for today's casual lunch it
is a blue and white theme.

As always,it is a mix and match
collection of yard sale or thrift

                                                                   This is called Rose Brocade
                                                                    by Skye McGhie.

And this pattern by the same maker
is Rhapsody.

Some sweet treats to go
with our tea.
          Blue and white always
             looks so fresh and pretty.

                                                                           Another little teapot.

                                                     A vintage blue and white tablecloth,
                                                                and a pillow that I made from a scape
                                                                of fabric.
                                                                We can enjoy the view from here
                                                                while we enjoy our lunch and a chat.                  

                                   What is your favorite color transferware?

                                                        Today I am joining BNOTP for Tablescape Thursday.

                                          Thank you for your visit!