Friday, November 6, 2015

Random Autumn Beauty

             Hello everyone,

  I hope you had a good week and I am
 sure you are looking forward to the 
weekend now.

I am sharing some random autumn
beauty today.

I like the autumn light in the shot above
of the Canada geese that we saw in Maine.

                                                               A beautiful Island trial through
                                                               the autumn wood.

A pretty autumn display in Maine.
I love the cart.

                                                       The cottages of Cabot Cove where we have
                                                        stayed in the past in Kennebunkport Maine.
                                                        They are quaint and cozy.

                                                                An autumn pastoral scene.

                             The autumn colors in our garden.
                                      We are almost done of our fall cleanup.
                                      Vesey's have their blowout sale on their
                                  bulbs and leftover perennials so I had a
                                             fun shopping spree but tried to keep reminding
                                   myself that I had to find a space to plant
                                           them and then dig and plant. Ah! but think of
      the beauty next spring!

                                                       It must be time for a cup of tea on
                                                                  our autumn porch.....don't you think!

                                                                     Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Mountain Mama said...

Ahhh that porch - I am envious!!! I love those old screen doors - so gorgeous!

Beautiful photos - the leaves are all gone in my area already and the trees are bare.

I planted 240 bulbs and I'm pretty sure the critters already ate most of them!

Have a great weekend!

Amy at love made my home said...

Such beautiful autumn moments! I love your porch arrangement, especially that beautiful blanket! xx

Anonymous said...

So beautiful, the autumn in your part of the world is such a boost of color !

Linda said...

Very lovely. Every time I hear the words "Cabot Cove", I think of the TV series "Murder She Wrote" and Angela Lansbury! lol
Wishing you and Andrew a beautiful weekend,
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Pamela Gordon said...

Beautiful fall colours in your post Carolyn. The cottages in Maine are very pretty and cozy looking. Your porch setting is so pretty. The leaves have pretty well fallen this past few days here. Enjoy the weekend.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Your images are so beautiful, Carolyn. I especially like the one of the geese and your porch really is wonderful. Enjoy this fabulous weekend we're having.

Autumn blessings,

. said...

Piękne kolory jesieni.
Pozdrowienia z Polski.

Debra Howard said...

The autumn colors are so gorgeous there...still green as can be with maybe a hint of yellow on the trees. Your photos make me want to visit your neck of the woods...such beautiful colors.

Mary said...

Thank you for sharing photos of Kennebunkport, ME! I vacation there every year and seeing these photos brings back special memories! We discovered Farm + Table this past summer and it was a delight to see it featured in your post. This is a fabulous new shop - a feast for the eyes! Thanks for sharing your home, garden and adventures with us!!

Rosemary and Thyme said...

Incredible images. I love the picture of the walk path with all the yellow trees.

Have a great week,


lisa verrastro said...

incantevole autunno..colori e magia..
incantevole il tuo giardino..vorrei tanto prendere un tea con te in quel paradiso..baci Carolyn
Lisa del Lismary's cottage

Madelief said...

The colours on the trees look beautiful Carolyn! Autumn has never been one of my favourite seasons, but through the years I have learnt to appreciate it's beauty.

Your autumn porch looks lovely too!

Have a good week!


Angela said...

Cabot Cove looks like a great place for rental when one needs a long weekend off. Your porch decor looks great!

martina said...

Beautiful photos! The cottage of Cabot Cove is so gorgeous!

Bernideen said...

I love these fall photos! It is beautiful here in Missouri now as the hardwoods have more colors than in Colorado. (visiting family) I heard it snowed back home.....burr!