Thursday, November 12, 2015

Blue & White Transferware Tea

              Hello everyone,

                I seem to have taken a mini break from
                   my blog as we finished up our fall chores.
                The weather has been lovely here but one
               never knows when it will change so it is
               a good feeling to have the outdoor chores
                  done. Soon I will be focusing on Christmas

                  But now it is time for a tea break.

                                                                          I made some fresh biscuits for tea
                                                                 of my husband's favorites.
                                                                           Today, my blue and white
                                                                           transferware is our choice
                                                                           for the day and as usual it is
                                                                           mix and match.
                                                                                 A cup of hot tea is a nice
                                                                                 treat coming in from the
                                                                                 crisp air.

                                                                       Love this teapot.


                    I have collected transferware in
                    several colors over the years and
                     change my displays from time to
                       time so I can enjoy them all.

                       Hope to see you soon!



Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Your blue and white transferware collection is stunning, Carolyn = just what I needed on this gloomy day. Just lovely! What a pretty teatime! ♥

Pamela Gordon said...

The blue and white is so pretty and your biscuits look perfectly delicious. Yes, hot tea sure is good on these chilly days. I'll look forward to seeing your Christmas decorating soon. I'm edging towards mine and have put away 'fall' until next year. Have fun.

Primroses Attic said...

Carolyn your blue and white is just the perfect set to have tea, so pretty.

Deb said...

Blue and white is my favorite and I love to mix and match, too. What a beautiful tea-pot. Deb

Dewi Aja said...
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Garden Fancy said...

What a cozy scene you have laid with your beautiful china and delicious-looking biscuits! I can almost taste the buttery, flaky goodness. Thanks so much for letting us peek at your lovely tea time! -Beth

parTea lady said...

Your photos are lovely. Blue and white china has always been my favorite and you have a great collection.

relevanttealeaf said...

Love your blue and white transferware. I enjoy all the transferware colors, but blue is my favorite and what I collect the most. Your blog is lovely!

Amy at love made my home said...

A tea break is always a good thing when you have been busy! xx

. said...

Klarowne kolory! Pozdrawiam.

thel day said...

What a beautiful tea break. I love the dishes and the biscuits look so delicious with the jam.. Thelma.