Friday, October 9, 2015

One Fine Day

                                                                      Hello everyone,

                                                       It is the time of year that often starts out
                                                       misty here in the early morning.
                                                      I enjoy watching the mist lift from the
                                                      pond and garden before the sun burns
                                                                 I think it gives the garden an air
                                                                  of mystery and romance.

                                                                   The Gardener's Cottage
                                                            But as the day progressed the sun
                                                            came out and a friend came for tea.
                                                            The virginia creeper has turned a
                                                            burgundy red now as fall has struck.

                                                                             Sharon enjoying a bouquet
                                                                             of hydrangeas.
                       After we enjoyed tea and a visit
                               Sharon kindly agreed to be my model
          for a little photo shoot.

                                                                        I love Sharon's pretty prairie skirt
                                                                         and cowgirl boots.....perfect in our
                                                                        little boathouse.
                                                                                 Thanks, Sharon for being
                                                                                 such a lovely was
                                                                            Can't let the day go by without
                                                                            sharing some garden shots.
                                                                         Love these colors together.

                                                                         Still playing with my camera and
                                                                         so I couldn't resist sharing these
                                                                         garden beauties.

                                                                            Beautiful roses from
                                                                            the garden.
It will soon be time for me
   to reread this enjoyable book.

                                                                          So pretty!

                                                                        Vintage teacup and vase.
                                                                         Thanks, Sharon for the sweet

                                                             Well, time for tea again.....what a
                                                                        fine day it was.

                                                                       We have a busy weekend coming
                                                                        up so in case I don't see you again
                                                                       Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian

                                                                                      Happy weekend to all!



Pamela Gordon said...

It's just so lovely to see your gardens in the fog. We've had foggy mornings here as well then the sun breaks through to beautiful mornings and afternoons. Sharon is a wonderful model and I really like her style!! Have a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend!

Cozy Little House said...

Sounds like you two had a good time. I just love your property. It is filled with so much beauty. And your header is splendid as well!

Maple said...

It was a wonderful memory made on a beautiful autumn day, the scones and cider were amazing. I am thankful this weekend to have you as a friend. The photo session was a bonus.

Sharon xo

Laura said...

Everything is beautiful there!

Pollyanna said...

Really a lovely experience reading your blog for the first time. A customer at the antique store where I work mentioned how charming your blog is, and suggested I stop by, so glad she did. Your newest follower.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for writing this wonderful inspirering blog , i am so happy that I found my way to your place in this endless internet world.
Sending all the best from an island in the baltic sea,

Debra Oliver said...

oh that view of the cottage thru the fog! just lovely!

Susan Löckle said...

Wundervolle Bilder, Dank Sharon!
Diese Power-Farben!
Wie heißt eigentlich die Hortensien-Sorte im kräftigen Pink!!! In die habe ich mich soeben verliebt...
Alles Liebe von Susan aus Deutschland

Joyce said...

Your photos are always so beautiful. What camera do you use to photograph your gardens?

Carolyn said...

Hi Joyce,
Thank you! My camera is a Canon 60D.
I enjoy using it!

Hi Susan,
The hydrangea you asked about is a strawberry vanilla and I also love the deep pink color it turns in autumn.
Thanks for your visit also.


Fran Caswell said...

Your gardens are amazing! Sharon was a beautiful model.

The Subtle Details said...

Having seen so many of your lovely photos posted on Pinterest, I simply had to visit your beautiful blog. I'm so, so happy I did. Exquisite! I look forward to more.

Best wishes,

meigancam01 said...

Hi, Very refreshing and beautiful article.Also wonderful morning scenario.
thanks for sharing.

Angela said...

It is so nice to be able to enjoy the presence of a friend and to enjoy a cup of tea together. Her skirt is very pretty. Your flowers looks marvelous. I thought that by now all flowers in Canada would have been gone. They are beautiful! Thank you for sharing these great photos and story with us all.

an angel at my table said...

Good company and a garden can it be better!! I love your friend skirt and boots too!! Very pretty. Beautiful flower portraits. All the best Mari

Denise Bruce Of Ingleside said...

so sweet of her to pose for you.

Rosamund Pilcher. ..I think Maud used a name like that in one of her stories. :)

Joy said...

I love all of Rosamund Pilcher's books. I've re-read several of them. I think my favorite might be, 'The Shell Seekers'. Her books just whisk one away to another place and a way of living. As always, beautiful photos here.

Parsimonious Perfection said...

Gorgeous paint a beautiful picture with your lens!