Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Dish Array

                                                                                Hello everyone,

                                                                  Both before and after my tea party
                                                                  I enjoy washing my prettiest china
                                                                  by hand .
                                                                       All of these dishes were bought
                                                                       here on the Island at yard sales
                                                                       or thrift shops.I enjoy my little
                                                                      treasure hunts.

                                                                          I added a little trim to
                                                                          a plain dish towel.
                                                                        Shades of aqua.      

                        Since I was washing my prettiest
                china I thought I would enjoy
                        the fresh breeze and garden views.
                          Would you like to dry them for me?
                                                                            This pretty lady was a
                                                                             yard sale find.
                                                                            Some roses from the garden.....
                                                                            yep! it took me awhile to wash
                                                                            my dishes but I enjoyed my dish
                                                                            array time. Some days my husband
                                                                            must want to hide my camera!

           I hope you enjoyed some dish array!
         Don't forget about our open garden
             tour if you are interested  ~ tomorrow
night between 6 and 8 pm.
Rain or shine.
         We are getting a nice warm rain today
 but tomorrow promises sunshine.
See you soon!


Rustic Maple Elizabeth said...

It is amazing that you can even make washing dishes look gorgeous! Beautiful colours, collections and photos. Thanks for sharing, Carolyn!

Bernideen said...

I love that term "Open Garden". I love your new color passion of the Robin's Egg Blue and Pink. I sure your "Open Garden" will thrill those who can come! Love dishes and table and flowers!

podso said...

I love washing dishes, especially my pretty ones, and especially after we've had guests. It just adds to the whole good experience. I would think a dishpan out on the porch would make it even better!

Kathy Moreland said...

Just lovely, Carolyn. Love the soft colors!

Carrie B. said...

Such pretty dishes! I'll dry!! I would be there tomorrow in a heart beat if I didn't live so far away. I'm so grateful you share your beautiful gardens on here for me to enjoy though.
Blessings sent your way for a beautiful day tomorrow and lots of fun.

sarah said...

I always hesitate about using second hand dishes from op-shops because I don't know where they've been. I generally use them for soap-holders or shell-containers. I might have to change my mind about that, your dishes look so pretty here.

janice15 said...

I truly enjoyed washing dishes with you.. I never use a dish washer so it's so easy for me lol.. your dishes are beautiful.. fell in love with them all.. lovely colors and flowers.. Have a wonderful day with love Janice

Ruthie Miller said...

I do love the soft, sweet color too. You have such an eye with whatever you do. You bless us with the beauty you create. You are a talented gal! Thank you.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

We used to have an Open Garden program where I live but somehow it went by the wayside - might be something to start up again.
I enjoy washing my pretties by hand too and I like the pastel china you have - especially that blue teapot with the top and bottom ruffles - wow!

Lynda Shoup said...

This struck a chord with me. I love washing my lovely dishes by hand (and photographing them too!) It seems more like play than a chore. Now i can't say I feel the same way about the day to day dishes. There is something lovely about spending the time really looking at the beautiful patterns on lovely dishes.

Susan said...

Loved seeing the photos, Carolyn. Such loveliness! Susan

Tanya Rachelle said...

Pretty Aqua Dream! Such a lovely soap bubble post!

Pamela Gordon said...

You brought back memories of me helping my aunt and grandmother wash their good china and silverware in enamel basins on the table in the kitchen. We were warned to 'be very careful' so as not to chip the china or scratch the silver. I love the pale aqua hues of these dishes and would love to help you dry them. :) What a beautiful setting to do this task!

Gail at Stillmeadow Farm said...

Lovely dishes, and such a peaceful setting for tea! Where do you store your vast array of dishes? I just picked up brown transferwAre at a sale and it is sitting on my dresser!

Rosemary and Thyme said...

Oh can I come to do your dishes Carolyn??? What an incredible collection. I could not pick a favorite since I love them all.

Enjoy your weekend,