Monday, August 10, 2015

Open Garden

                                                                           Hello everyone,

                                                           I hope you enjoyed your weekend.
                                                           Above is the sight that greets us from
                                                          our balcony early in the morning as the
                                                          sun is just coming up.

                                                                 The hammock in early morning.

                                                            I love both early morning light and
                                                            evening light for taking shots of the
                                                                       Chelsea Garden
                                                                   Another angle from the balcony
                                                                   in early morning.

                                                                   The same area of the garden but this time shooting
                                                                    from the abbor to the house.

                                                                   We have lots of monkshood and
                                                                   daylilies in bloom now.
                                                                 The monkshood is very easy to grow and
                                                                 over the years it has been divided and
                                                                 moved around the garden.
                                                            The garden coming up to the
                                                            door. and below as well.

                                                           I am happy we stained the arbor
                                                           this pretty blue/green color.
                                                             Taken from the balcony but the
                                                             other end this time.

                   Just letting anyone interested that lives
                 close by to come and visit the garden if
            you would like to see it in person this
                 Thursday evening anytime between 6 and
8 pm......rain or shine!
If you need directions you can
                     email me

            I will be sharing more of my Tea Party
photos later this week.

Take care,


Bernideen said...

I can't think of any garden I would love more to see than yours! There's just this little thing called distance!

thel day said...

I would love to visit your beautiful garden. Distance is a problem for me also.
Your garden is gorgeous in the early morning light.
The monkshood is very colorful. That is something I don't have. I must try to find some.
Thanks for sharing.

Pamela Gordon said...

It looks so peaceful and quiet there in the early morning light Carolyn. So lovely. I hope you have a good turn out for your garden tour.

Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

I love seeing pictures of your garden. I don't think I could ever leave it, if I was there.

Riina said...

So beautiful light in your garden and pictures!
And all flowers are in perfect harmony.

Siddhartha Joshi said...

I am in love with your gorgeous! Beautiful...