Thursday, August 13, 2015

A White Sunroom Tea

                                                                           Hello everyone,

                                                            Today, I thought it would be a good
                                                            day for tea in the sunroom.

                                                                There is something so fresh about
                                                                an all white setting,don't you think?

                                                                As always, I am keeping it simple.
                                                                            All white china and a
                                                                           hint of lace.
                                                                       The Annebelle hydrangeas
                                                                       make great bouquets.
                                                                       White linens and lace.
                                                                          Sugar cookies are always
                                                                          good with a cup of tea.
                                                                          Sweet teapot.

                                                          Lemon for your tea?          

       It was lovely to have you stop
by for afternoon tea!

I am joining BNOTP for
Tablescape Thursday.

      Don't forget our "Open Garden"
tonight if you are interested
between 6 and 8 pm.
Now, I better go out and do
   some deadheading in the garden.

          Wishing you a wonderful day!



Cocoon Garden - Laly said...

So nice and pure, love it ♥

Palmieri Savina Tecla said...


Denise said...

So pretty,I love the look.Back in the 50s My Grandma had Her whole living room done in all white.What We all got a laugh about though was it was covered in plastic.Her Son, My Dad, convinced Her to get rid of the plastic so We never went into that room again. Good thing She had a Family room.I can't see anyone doing that today.All the ladies with white rooms now that I know actually live in them.I still love the look : ) and what nice photos You take.I'm glad I dropped by for a visit,do come on over any time for a cup of tea and a chat-Denise

Madelief said...

Beautiful Carolyn!

Have a lovely weekend!

Madelief x

Sandra Lee said...

How timely is this! I just pulled white decor for my table and this beautiful table is filled with inspiration.

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Carolyn's version of "keeping it simple":

Lace tablecloths (more than one), teapot, teacup/s, lemon slices, fresh garden flowers, homemade cookies...........

Michele's version of "keeping it simple":

Hot mug of boiled water. Drop is a teabag. The end.

: - )

Your teatime is exquisitely lovely and NOT simple, but simply beautiful!

Rosemary and Thyme said...

This is pure loveliness. Fresh, serene and very charming. You certainly have all the perfect spots to enjoy a little tea time.



Lorrie said...

Lovely, calming, serene.

Deanna said...

Oooooh i like it very much!

Denise Bruce of Ingleside said...

Good Morning :)
Oh! this is beautiful and so peaceful. Rilla and I so enjoyed the tour yesterday. Rilla didn't want to leave, especially the pond and little boat.
We loved all your special nooks and cranny ' s, Carolyn. Rilla wants the canopy bed now...actually she wants the little cottage as her bedroom lol I'm glad! because this is what I was hoping for because she wanted lime green walls first... lol. God works in such wonderful ways 💕💕
I can't wait to visit again. I felt like I was at home in your gardens. such inspiration. 🌼🌻🌼 If We were alone, we would have waited out the rain plus Rilla's little dress was getting see through with the rain eek lol.
Let me know if you come up east. Would love to tour you around my Ingleside Gardens and have a hot fudge sundaes with you :)
Denise and Rilla 🐣🐝🐢🐇

Carolyn said...

Hi Denise,
It was so nice to have you and Rilla come to the open garden last night....too bad about the shower while you were there.
Thank you so much for the invitation to visit you as well...I will send you an email if I can make it down your way before the summer ends.
You and Rilla looked so nice in your LM Montromery dresses!

p.s. Thank you everyone for your kind words.
Michele ~ I have seen some pretty fancy tablescapes at your house!

Maple said...

I would never be given tea in here it's so lovely and I'm so messy. I love this white haven

Unknown said...

Quelle douceur et romantisme ... Magnifique
Doux dimanche, A bientôt
Laurence Au Coeur d'Autrefois

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Beautiful, beautiful! Love the hydrangeas! But of course it is all gorgeous.

Erin said...

Carolyn, how many teapots do you have?

Lisa said...

I have been looking all over for a tea pot like this. Any idea where I might find one?