Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Bold And Beautiful!

Hello everyone,

I hope your spring is going well.
I am happy to have all of our garden
beds weeded and edged.Everything
is coming along good and I am enjoying
the beauty of early spring flowers.

I love these bold and beautiful tulips
although this wouldn't be my first choice
of colors except  in spring when I have
been looking forward to color in the garden
again after a long winter.

Tea time in the sun room with
a beautiful bouquet of double

A calico tea

We have hundreds of daffodils blooming
now but some are starting to fade already.
Luckily, tulips are putting on a show now.

                                     There are so many beautiful varieties of
                                      daffodils and narcissus.

I hope you enjoyed your visit and
I hope to be back again soon....
hope you will too!

Take care,


Bernideen said...

I think I can smell them all - how delightful!

Bobbie said...

They are all so lovely! Here in NC all our spring flowers are done. It’s nice to see them again!

Bobbie said...

They are absolutely lovely! The double tulips are really special! We are on to summer here in NC in the states so it’s nice to see the spring bloomers again!

ofelia's timeless treasures said...

I always lopve your blog. It is so real and so authentic, Thanks for sahring
Ofelia Killeen

FabricDiva54 said...

So beautiful and inspirational, your posts always brighten my day.