Sunday, July 31, 2022

Hello everyone,

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

We have been having lovely sunny days
here with enough rain to keep our garden

The garden has lots of  a
Annebelle hydrangeas
in full bloom now.

We have hundreds of daylillies
in bloom as well in all different

                                                             As we say goodbye to July
                                                             the garden will burst into
                                                             it's most colorful time with
                                                             phlox, hydrangeas,day lilies
                                                             clematis etc. in bloom.


                                                 If you read my previous post
                                                 you know we are hosting
                                                 an Afternoon Cream Tea
                                                 next week. All our tables
                                                 are already spoken for and
                                                 Barbara and I are looking
                                                 forward to it. Our theme this
                                                 time is a more casual Blue &
                                                 White theme so we have been
                                                  gathering up all the blue and 
                                                  white china, tablecloths napkins etc. 

                                                 This time we are happy to have a young
                                                 harpist in the garden as well.

                                                As with our previous tea all the money
                                                will be donated to the people of Ukraine.

                                                            Thanks for visiting,

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Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

What a beautiful idea! Your gardens look lovely! I'm making this comment in November, as all of a sudden, I quit getting notices of your blog posts! I thought of you the other day and went hum.m.m. I haven't heard from Carolyn for a long time.... so I went and looked and there are MANY posts I never got so thus never commented on! I notice your comments are few, so it's probably because no one is getting a notice anymore? Just an FYI for you! I'm going to go now and read all the ones I've missed! Marilyn from Oregon