Sunday, July 31, 2022

Hello everyone,

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

We have been having lovely sunny days
here with enough rain to keep our garden

The garden has lots of  a
Annebelle hydrangeas
in full bloom now.

We have hundreds of daylillies
in bloom as well in all different

                                                             As we say goodbye to July
                                                             the garden will burst into
                                                             it's most colorful time with
                                                             phlox, hydrangeas,day lilies
                                                             clematis etc. in bloom.


                                                 If you read my previous post
                                                 you know we are hosting
                                                 an Afternoon Cream Tea
                                                 next week. All our tables
                                                 are already spoken for and
                                                 Barbara and I are looking
                                                 forward to it. Our theme this
                                                 time is a more casual Blue &
                                                 White theme so we have been
                                                  gathering up all the blue and 
                                                  white china, tablecloths napkins etc. 

                                                 This time we are happy to have a young
                                                 harpist in the garden as well.

                                                As with our previous tea all the money
                                                will be donated to the people of Ukraine.

                                                            Thanks for visiting,

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

You"re invited! An Afternoon Cream Tea in the Garden

Hello everyone,

We have had some pretty hot ,sunny weather
here lately by Island standards anyway.
The garden is thriving as so many
perennials are in bloom now with
lots more to come.

My friend Barbara and I have decided
to have an afternoon cream tea in the garden
on Tuesday August 9th at 2 pm.
This time there will be a donation bottle
and as last time all the money will go to
help the people of the Ukraine.

Tea in the terrace

Tea in the garden

Afternoon tea by the pond

Love blue and white in the garden
with the roses in the background.

An afternoon tea is a fun time to dress up
and enjoy some relaxation in the garden.

If you can come, please let me know as soon as
possible by emailing me at

Thank you for your visit,


Wednesday, July 20, 2022

A Summer Day Tea

Hello everyone,

I can't believe how fast July is slipping
by. ...can you?

One of my favorite things to do in 
summer is to enjoy my tea time
in the garden on beautiful sunny

A summer tea

It was a good year for strawberries
here this year.

Pretty china makes me smile.

I made some strawberry scones
for tea .

Sweet summer days

I hope you are enjoying your
summer and thanks
for visiting.

Take care,

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Summer Time Blues

Hello everyone,

It is pouring rain here today
so I am staying snug inside
and enjoying some summer
time blues from the past.

summer is the perfect time to
enjoy refreshments outdoors.....
just not today in all this rain.


A summer picnic with a blue theme

The rose hedge is in full bloom now
and will have a second bloom in late August.

After a game of croquet you
can relax in our vintage chaise.

Blue linens with blue and white
china look pretty with the
blue nepeta in the background.

Pretty blue sky.

Tea and scones anyone?

Garlic chives

Summer blues

We have had more rain than usual here
this past month which is good for the
gardens etc. but I am looking forward
to some sunny days after this to enjoy
being outdoors again in the garden.

Thank you for visiting,


Saturday, July 2, 2022


Hello everyone,

I hope my Canadian friends are enjoying
this long Canada Day weekend, and to my
American friends happy Independence Day weekend.

Today, I am finally getting back to sharing
some of our trip to Nantucket photos.

We took the ferry to Nantucket early in
the morning and came back later that

It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed 
both Nantucket town and the village
of Sconset.

My pictures don't really do it justice but
you can see there are lots of charming
weathered shingled cottages .

We were a couple of weeks early for
roses and hydrangeas so we may
have to go back!

This is a pretty restaurant called Chanticleer
in Sconset.

Cottages by the bluff.

It was rhododendron season

I love the hedges that surround many cottages.

The town of Nantucket

    I have been wanting to go back to Cape Cod
for awhile now, and Nantucket has always
been on my bucket list, so I am happy that
we are finally able to travel again.

Do you have a special place you plan to
visit,that has been on your bucket list
for awhile......Prince Edward Island (my home
province) maybe?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend?