Saturday, July 2, 2022


Hello everyone,

I hope my Canadian friends are enjoying
this long Canada Day weekend, and to my
American friends happy Independence Day weekend.

Today, I am finally getting back to sharing
some of our trip to Nantucket photos.

We took the ferry to Nantucket early in
the morning and came back later that

It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed 
both Nantucket town and the village
of Sconset.

My pictures don't really do it justice but
you can see there are lots of charming
weathered shingled cottages .

We were a couple of weeks early for
roses and hydrangeas so we may
have to go back!

This is a pretty restaurant called Chanticleer
in Sconset.

Cottages by the bluff.

It was rhododendron season

I love the hedges that surround many cottages.

The town of Nantucket

    I have been wanting to go back to Cape Cod
for awhile now, and Nantucket has always
been on my bucket list, so I am happy that
we are finally able to travel again.

Do you have a special place you plan to
visit,that has been on your bucket list
for awhile......Prince Edward Island (my home
province) maybe?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend?



Bernideen said...

I have a movie to recommend to you. My husband and I love watching Christmas movies with snow when it is hot outside. We just watched the Hallmark "A Godwink Christmas" which is inspired by a true love story. It is filmed on Nantucket an Martha's Vineyard and is so cute with Kathilee Gifford. I think you would enjoy it! I enjoyed your lovely photos of Nantucket!

Marilyn Miller said...


Lisa D. said...

So charming and beautiful. I've never been to Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard or anywhere in that part of the country, but I hope to visit someday. Thank you, Carolyn.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

So many bloody nice photos

Sandi said...

Nantucket is beautiful, but so are your lovely creations and gardens! I love to ferry over to Nantucket from the Cape and visit all my favorite shops. It's sad that so many independent stores left and all the large chains are taking over. It's extremely hard for young people to be able to afford anything there, and it's beginning to happen here on the Cape. We need a shift in the Universe! Enjoy your summer and I look forward to being able to come back for another visit to your PEI!