Saturday, November 28, 2020

The Littlest Bedroom

Happy Weekend!

I hope you are enjoying your
weekend .

I have been adding some Christmas
touches to the smallest bedroom in
our home.

This bedroom previously had green
and white toile wallpaper on it so
after spending a couple of' fun' days
stripping it all off, we painted
it cloud white by Benjamin Moore.
So, it was quite a change and I
admit it took me awhile to
get used to it.

This little bedroom is used by our
granddaughters when they
sleep over.


The red and white toile quilt is warm
and cosy and adds to a Christmas

I have had this teddy bear for
a number of years and he
is hard to part with.

This little nook has a window
seat tucked into with room
for storage inside it.

A thrift shop find several years
ago with just a touch
of Christmas.

                                                        I changed the dresser in here
                                                        to this family heirloom. I did
                                                         give it a couple of coats of paint
                                                        to update it. I love the mirror from
                                                        from Homesense.

                                                       It is a dark showery day today
                                                       so I used my flash for the photos.


An early Christmas card for you!

If you would like to see the room before

check it out here

Thank you for visiting me and
please stay well.



Thursday, November 26, 2020

Outdoor Winter Tablescapes

     Hello everyone,

      How is your week going?

         I want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving
to all my American friends.

Today, I am looking back at some
outdoor winter tablescapes.

The tartan one above was taken
out on our porch a few years ago.

   Blue enamelware and a blue tartan throw
make for a pretty outdoor picnic.

                                                       It seems I do love plaids/tartans!

I love this pretty winter tablescape
that I took a few photos of
down in Kennebunkport ,Maine.

Looking forward to be able to travel
again sometime soon ,I hope.

This is one of my favorite
winter picnics.

This is definitely a wintry scene
on our porch.

A little outdoor Christmas tea.

No picnic here but I do
love this winter shot
on the Boathouse 

Thank you for your visit!

Take care,


Monday, November 23, 2020

Touches of Red for Christmas


Hello everyone,

I hope you had a good weekend.

I did a few more touches of Christmas
both inside and out here at our home.

A couple of weeks ago I found these
red with white flecks enamelware
plates and bowls at a thrift shop/
Since I already had a few pieces
and they were cheap I thought I
would add them to my collection.

                                                                 This Santa mug was also
                                                                 a thrift find last year.
                                                                   I don't collect them but
                                                                  couldn't resist him either.

We put our old handmade
table out on our south porch
for the winter and I have a
few winter/Christmas photo
shoots planned just for you!

Natural greens and berries go
well with my little
                                                        I finished doing up the window
                                                        boxes and urns etc, today and
                                                        the front veranda is looking 
                                                        Christmassy so all I need now
                                                        is a little snow!

                                                              I hope all is well with you!

                                                                    Take care and stay safe,


Thursday, November 19, 2020

Christmas Teas

Hello everyone,

It is a cold sunny day here ~
a good day to enjoy a hot cup
of tea or if you prefer, hot cocoa.

I always love a white
tea setting.

A warm and cozy Christmas /
winter tea.

Red and white transferware
is always pretty but especially
at Christmas with gingerbread

Love our fireside teas on these
colder days.

If you are adventurous how
about tea in the winter garden.

A Friendly Village tea by
the fireside.

A pretty Christmas teacup
and some pretty Christmas

Another winter white tea in the Boathouse.

All of these photos were taken in the
past but new ones coming soon.

My camera has a dead battery and
I forgot my charger at the cottage
so I have been unable to take new pics.
However, we are driving over this
morning to pick it up so no excuses
for not getting some new pics!

I hope you have a lovely day!

Take care,



Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Dreaming of a White Christmas

   Hello everyone,

I was looking  at some of my
    White Christmas photos from previous
years to enjoy a little look back.

I hope you won;t mind a little look
back with me.

The photo above is in our little
sunroom which I have not
decorated for Christmas yet
this year

I love when we get a snowfall
before the pond freezes over.
    which does not happen every year.

The photos above and below
were taken in the Boathouse
a few years ago.

Over the past seven years since 
my husband and son built the
Boathouse (seen in the pond
photo on the left) I have
enjoyrd decorating it for
Christmas with different
color themes but I think
white is my favorite.

I do like adding some touches of
red in the dining area though.

Our old thrift store tree from
several years ago looks
pretty good to me all
decked out in silver
and white. I always
give it a light spray of 
fake snow when I am
done decorating it.

A cozy spot in our bedroom
to enjoy a cup of tea.

I am enjoying looking at
my favorite old Christmas
magazines ......which I
can never seem to give
away so I have quite a stash!

Hope the rest of your week
goes well and thank you
for visiting!

Saturday, November 14, 2020

A White Kitchen/Dining Tea

         Hello everyone,

How is your weekend going?  Here
on the Island we enjoyed record braking
temperatures with sunshine and over 29 degrees 
Celsius during the week but our warm spell
is past and it is a cool damp day here today.

The stores here have been super busy lately
as the Christmas rush seems to have started

We currently have 3 cases of covid 19
on the Island and I am thankful that so
far we have been able to keep our numbers down.
However, many provinces out side of our Atlantic
bubble are seeing  scary rises in the number of
active cases as has much of the rest of the world.
Hope and pray for a safe vaccine soon .

                                                       I took this shot of our dining area
                                                       a couple of weeks ago before I
                                                       started adding some Christmas touches.


A touch of Christmas for my tea time


A small teapot for one or two.

You can see out the window that it still
has a fall snow yet.

I  gave this corner a touch of
Christmas but I confess I have
put most of our Christmas decor
up except for the two big trees
which will probably not go up
until early December......unless
the mood strikes earlier. Right
now I am enjoying the cosyness
of the small trees and garlands
with their white lights. I will share
some new photos soon.
          So what about you are you decorating

               I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend
and thank you for visiting me!

Stay well,