Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Blue and White Teapots

                 Hello everyone,

                      I hope your week is going well.

                        I know I shared my red and white
                       transferware teapots awhile ago
                but I don't think some of my
                   blue and white ones have ever
been shared here.

So,  I grabbed my camera
and took a few shots for you.

This teapot was a gift from a
friend. It is Genvine Ironstone
Ellgreave , England.

This teapot belonged to my Dutch Mama.

My husband gave me this tea set a
few years ago. It came from a
local gift shop.

I have a couple of other blue and
white teapots but they are at
our cottage and I am sure I
have shared them already.

A little search turned up a few of 
my other blue and white tea pots
taken in the summer.

Enamelware tea set with
blue and white willow mugs.

My blue chintz set.

Well, I think that is all of my collection.
Hope you enjoyed a peek at them.

I think now is a good time to get
myself a nice cup of tea!

Thank you for visiting!



Linda said...

Good Morning, Carolyn!
I love them all. Your mom's teapot & the blue chintz are my favourites!
Wish I was there to have a cuppa with you today. Take care. Blessings to you.
Wishing you a beautiful day,
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Nonni said...

Hi! Oh, my, word! The china is gorgeous! Your seaside pics are so calming...I think I have seaside cottage envy, ha, ha! I live 15-20 mins. from the gulf of Mexico beaches so you would think I'd get enough "seaside". The problem with my seaside; it's too commerical and mega mansions and hotels have grabbed up all the beach. There are only small areas where you can park and walk out on the beach whereupon your greeted by hundreds of beach-goers. I lived in Seal Beach, California, during high school in a private beach colony and it was glorious! My bedroom was on the back, upstairs of our house and at night I would swing open my cottage windows and listen to the surf while I did my homework. We were directly on the beach. Even though the Pacific Coast Highway ran not far away, it was still quiet and just heaven! A do you ever find so many lovely items to carry out your cottage theme? You are so lucky to live in an area where those items can be ferreted out. Well, so long for now. REALLY loved the china tea vignettes and your cottage. We're self-quarentined starting today. Store shelves are stripped! I told my husband the Scripture of the day is Psalm 91. All the best to you and yours and the folks in Canada.

Carolyn said...

Hi Nonni,
Thank you for your lovely message.I am happy you enjoyed the photos.
I collected most of my little treasures at yard sales and thrift stores but
the loveseat and 2 white chairs are from Ikea.
All the best to you and yours as well.
Stay well!