Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The Magic of Winter

            Hello everyone,

We have been enjoying pretty winter
days here so I snapped a few photos
to enjoy in summer when I am longing
for snow ha!ha!
I am a summer person but I do enjoy
the beauty of winter too.

first I took a few shots around
our home and garden.

Gently falling snowflakes

           We enjoyed a  winter drive in the country .

       A winter walk at Greenwich National Park is
a lovely way to spend a morning.

Hope you are enjoying your week!



Unknown said...

I LOVE pretty snow.. thank-you so much for sharing.. So lovely

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Oh such pretty photos

Kit said...

So gorgeous!! I am a winter person so I love your photos. 😊 Kit

Carla from The River said...

Beautiful. I enjoy the peace of winter.. thank you for sharing your photos.

Angie Berry ~ A Vintage Journey said...

I'm a spring kind of girl that likes summer too. But winter is pretty. I so love the 4 seasons but my bones and arthritis have a hard time with the cold. Your winter scenes are gorgeous... just what I need! We haven't gotten snow here yet.

Our home has a gambrel roof also. I've come to truly love and appreciate it over the years.

Have a delightful weekend~

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

Just beautiful! I love snow on wood fences.. just something so "country" about it. I love looking at snow, but am NOT a cold weather person and don't like being outside in the cold.... I like to enjoy it from inside a warm cozy house! Marilyn


It is so beautiful there in the pictures! Thanks for sharing the snow and your gorgeous place.