Friday, March 29, 2019

In the Pink

                     Hello everyone,

             Another week has flown by and 
 I am looking forward to the mild
   temperatures that the weatherman
   is promising. I found some spring
 bulbs poking through the ground
 this morning and a pair of Canada
  Geese were checking out the pond

So here today, we are in the pink!

A beautiful bouquet of pink peonies
in the Boathouse.

                                                      Beautiful pink roses in our

The roses above is Constance Spry
                                                                Lambert Close put on a good
                                                                 show in the garden last year.
                                                                 It is a good hardy rose.

                                   Peonies always bring me joy, whether in the
garden or in bouquets.

                Bouquets of pink English Roses with
                     one of my favorite teapots on the porch.
                                Pink linens and big bouquets of
                              peonies in our garden terrace.

                            A pretty pink porch in Beaufort,
                                South Carolina on a spring holiday
   a few years ago.

                      A pretty pink house in Charleston.

                      A tree peony in our garden.

                  A southern garden with
  pink azaleas.

                              A pink picnic basket with
                               a beautiful bouquet of pink
                            hydrangeas and a delicate
                              pink teacup for tea lovers.

            I am looking forward to being
                able to pick bouquets of flowers
from our garden again.

                     The weeping crabapple tree
 in full bloom.
                     I hope you are' in the pink'
too .
                                   Next time I have some' garden blues'
                                  for you to enjoy that are making me
                              long for the return of our garden.

                                       Hope you have a joyful weekend!


Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Romantic Pink Tea

                                                           Hello everyone,

                                                I hope your week is going well.
                                                We have lost a lot of our snow here
                                                and although our temperatures still
                                                fluctuate between melting and freezing
                                                we know good things are starting to happen
                                                out in the garden.
                                                    Here in the sun room spring has definitely
                                                arrived as the warm sunshine makes it a cheery
                                                place for our romantic pink tea so pour yourself
                                                a cup of tea and join me.


                      I have an assortment of pretty pink linens
                       to go with our delicate pink vintage china.

                                                         I love this dainty pink and white
                                                         small teapot.It holds enough for two
                                                         cups of tea.

Pick your favorite tea cup and
relax in the warm sunshine in
the sun room.
      Thank you for stopping by for
       tea today and I hope you have
a lovely day!


Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Welcome Spring

                                                            Hello everyone,

                                               I am happy to say that spring is
                                               officially here and although we
                                               still have some snow and cooler
                                               temperatures some days, we know
                                               that good things are about to happen.

So, I am sharing some spring cheer
from the past.
I love these bright and cheerful
spring colors.
Martha (our cement statue)
presides over some early
spring color in our little
enclosed garden.

    Love those spring garden bouquets.

Cheerful spring bouquets at
Ocean Song Cottage.

An early spring garden tea.

So looking forward to all those beautiful
spring bulbs bursting into bloom

                                        Just a bit of spring cheer to welcome
                                                 in the new season.

                                                                   Happy Spring!


Thursday, March 14, 2019

Garden Relaxation Part 2

                                                                      Hello everyone,

                                                There is a touch of spring in the air here
                                                and with a couple of mild rainy days coming
                                                it should wipe out a lot of snow and I can
                                                soon start looking for signs of life in the garden
                                                    I did this garden vignette for a garden tour
                                                 several years ago .....back then it seemed like
                                                fun to stage these garden settings but it is looking
                                                a bit more like work to me now! Am I getting older
                                                or just smarter???
                                                     Many of you have seen this pic before
                                                     as it is also from several years back.
                                                      I love these old wicker chairs spray painted
                                                     pistachio green. I need to find some more
                                                     of that paint as they need to be freshened up.
                                                       Relax surrounded by phlox
                                                       hydrangeas and roses.

                                                           This is also from a few years back
                                                            on a beautiful June evening.A
                                                            romantic table all set for tea.
                                                       Our little enclosed garden at my
                                                       favorite time of year (June) with
                                                       the Magican Deitiza's in full bloom.
                                                       The white metal chairs always look
                                                       romantic where ever I place them in
                                                       the garden.

Oh! Hammock
better to relax and enjoy
the beauty of nature.

                                                              I love those early foggy
                                                              mornings in the garden.

                                            And once again we have come to
                                                     the end of our garden relaxation
                                                     tour but you can always rest on
                                                     the old iron bed on the screened
                                                     porch for awhile if you would like.

                                                           This year we have given up our
                                                     garden tour business so maybe we
                                                     will have a little more time to relax
                                                     while we figure out what we want to
                                                     do with the future.....looking forward
                                                     to some new adventures!
                                                           However, for now it is back to
                                                      stripping off 3 layers of old wallpaper
                                                       to give a  fresh new look to a small
                                                       bedroom upstairs.....not as much fun
                                                      as gardening but rewarding when it is
                                                      done none the less.

                                                              I hope you enjoyed my garden
                                                              relaxation and once again thank
                                                              you for visiting!


Monday, March 11, 2019

Relaxing Garden Spaces Part 1

                                                          Hello everyone,

                                           I hope you enjoyed your weekend. We
                                           changed our clocks ahead here in Canada
                                           this weekend and I love having longer daylight
                                           hours in the evening.Today, we have melting
                                           snow and a promise of spring in the air.
                                            I think many of us have had a long cold
                                          winter this year so spring will be extra special
                                          to us.
                                              I am looking back at some relaxing garden
                                          spaces today. It is important to have pretty garden
                                          benches around the garden so we gardener's can enjoy
                                          the fruits of our labor or visitors can relax and take
                                          in all the beauty. 

                                                 The bench above came from Homesense
                                                 and pretty pillows make it a comfy spot to
                                                 stop and smell the roses. The rose in the
                                                background is Snow Pavement.
                                                        Maybe, you would rather relax in
                                                        a hammock with a glass of lemonade
                                                        and a book while enjoying the peace
                                                        and beauty that surrounds you.

                                                            Another garden bench with lots of
                                                            hydrangeas to enjoy.
                                                          Or maybe, you would like to sit
                                                          on our screened porch and just enjoy
                                                          the view of the garden from here.
                                                And, if you would like a change you can
                                                        always relax by the pond and watch the

                                                       If none of these are to your liking come back
                                                       soon and see if we can't find the perfect spot
                                                       for you to relax in the garden....part 2 coming

                                                                    I am so looking forward to spring
                                                             and summer!

                                                                           Thank you for visiting,