Saturday, December 14, 2019

Red & White Christmas in the Kitchen

                                                             Happy weekend!
                                        It seems like December is speeding by
                                        and before we know it Christmas will be
                                            I am still enjoying putting some Christmas
                                         touches here and there in our home but mostly
                                         just enjoying the cozy ambiance.

Our kitchen/dining room has  my collection
of red and white transferware china all year
so it only takes a few little touches of greenery
and mini lights to five it a festive look.

Little details

I love this little cup and
saucer holder for displaying
my china.

A few bits of greenery added
to my shelf displaying some
        of my red and white transferware
and I am all set .

Transferware platters with small trees
and a Christmas Blessings wooden rope.

                                           Well just a little peak at a few Christmas
                                                     touches in our kitchen.

                                                            I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Vee said...

Beautiful, Carolyn. Little touches work so well.

Schotzy said...

I love the simplicity of red and white , and your transfer ware is gorgeous!

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Hi Carolyn,

Wow - you have an amazing collection of red and white transferware pieces.
You have displayed them beautifully and your kitchen looks awesome.

I hope you are enjoying the many splendid pleasures of the season.

Peace and joy to you. ♥

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Your home is so lovely

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

Just lovely Carolyn! I was thinking I may want a "pink" Christmas this year (haven't done ANY decorating yet!) but then I see your white with all the pops of red, and the greenery, and then I know I love the red best! The dishes are so perfect, and they almost have a pink tinge from afar, so adds to the "almost" pink Christmas effect.. but then all the red just tops it off. Your home is so so beautiful.. any time of year! Marilyn

Sarah said...

Carolyn, your home is always festive, but have to admit, this kitchen is truly making my heart sing. Happy Holidays!

Deanna Rabe said...

I love the red and white in the kitchen! Red is a favorite color for me and it’s especially nice at Christmas time!

Cindy Lou said...

So pretty !

Barbara Ayers said...

So charming, Carolyn! I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday! Barbara in SoCal

Sandi said...

Beautiful as always. I always enjoy your pictures at Christmas! Happy holidays.

Maggie Ann said...


Szara Sowa said...

Merry Christmas ! said...

Hi my name is Mia,
I love your blog and have been following you for years, I love your home and garden.I love the way you decorate. I enjoy photos from your tea parties and surrounding area where you live. I hope one day to visit Canada 🍁. Merry Christmas from down under Australia.

Carolyn said...

Hi Mia,
Thank you for following my blog for all these years and I hope you make it to Canada someday.

Merry Christmas,