Monday, December 2, 2019

First Snow Day

           Hello everyone,

                I hope you all had a good weekend.
                We welcomed the first weekend of
             of December in with a snow day.
So I went for a walk  around
our property with my camera
in hand.

On Saturday with the snow
still coming down.

                                                                       The pond has a light coat
                                                                       of ice now.

                    Today was a beautiful sunny day

The Boathouse with
     a snowy wintry view.

                                                                 Well, with all the walking
                                                                 it is time for a cup of hot
                                                                 tea, don't you think!

                                                                          Thanks for visiting,



Sandi said...

Beautiful, Carolyn!

Susan said...

That was a lovely, post, Carolyn. I especially loved how the teapot caught the glint of winter sun! Your place is beautiful in all seasons, including winter. Susan

kobieta w pewnym wieku said...

Beautiful. Ładnie.

Lisa D. said... beautiful. I just love your blog, Carolyn.