Thursday, September 26, 2019

Late Garden Season Color

Hello everyone

We are still enjoying beautiful warm
weather here and have not had a heavy
frost here yet so the garden still has some
late season color.

The Japanese barberry looks good with the
pee gee hydrangea.

The burning bushes are starting to turn
brilliant red in various places in our

There is still a few blooms on the clematis.

I love to see some roses still putting on
a little show.

The Sweet Autumn Clematis is just starting
to bloom and it blooms very prolifically
with small white fragrant blooms.

We have over a dozen large hydrangea shrubs
blooming in the garden.

Fading blooms on the Polaris rose bush.

It was just a quick look at some of the late
season color in our garden today.

I enjoyed my treasure hunt at the 70 mile
yard sale but didn't bring home as many
treasures as I have in the past but I did
get a few pretties that I will share with
you later. 

I hope your week is going well!


Thursday, September 19, 2019

Tea and Roses

            Hello everyone,

    It is a beautiful sunny day here today
and it is predicted to be warm and sunny
for the next several days which is a good
thing as we are expecting our good friends
Linda & Midge
from NFLD for a  few days and on Sat.
I have a  lovely wedding to go to plus this
Saturday is the 70  mile yard sale.
The 70 mile coastal yard sale is always a
fun event with so many treasures
big and small to  enjoy.

I picked a small bouquet of Polaris roses
from our garden as they are putting on
a late show.
Polaris is one of my favorite roses in
our garden as they are hardy,bloom well and
they are pretty shades of pink before turning

Love this pretty aqua teacup with
the vintage tablecloth with roses.

I recently found this chintz teacup
at our local thrift shop and since
I don't often see chintz here I
grabbed it.

                                                        Well, it is time for our morning walk
                                                                   so a little sea glass hunt on the beach
                                                                   and then a walk in the park to see the
                                                                   four big cruise ships that are in the
                                                                   Charlottetown harbor today..

                                                                  So, don't forget the 70 mile coastal yard sale
                                                                   Saturday and Sunday if you love
                                                                    treasure hunting, but there will be
                                                                   lots of traffic on the main roads so
                                                                   please drive carefully.
                                                                            On another note the Downton
                                                                  Abbey movie we have been waiting for is
                                                                  here now and I am looking forward to
                                                                  seeing it with some friends.



                                                                    Yesterday's photo of one of the
                                                                     three  cruises hips that came in
                                                                     taken by my husband with his phone.

                                                                                         Enjoy your day!


Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Blue and White Afternoon Tea

                                                                           Hello everyone,

                                                   It was another beautiful day today but
                                                   there are still thousands here still without
                                                   power and there are lots of trees still to be cleaned                                                                                    up after Dorian passed by this past weekend.

                  I found this cute teacup mug at the thrift 
                 store today and it inspired me to enjoy  a
little photo shoot.

You probably already know that I
love blue and white so it didn`t
take long to gather up some different
shades and textures of blue and white.

                                                      Well, now it is time to enjoy my
                                                                 afternoon tea in my pretty new
                                                                  teacup mug.

                                                                          Thanks for stopping in,


Monday, September 9, 2019

All Well at Aiken House & Gardens

Hello everyone,

I am happy to say that we came through the storm
with  no damage to either our home or garden
and  the little cottages were  unscathed as well.

We did lose power though for a couple
of days and there are some onthe
Island that still have no powere as
some areas had a number of big trees
come down on the power lines.

it is peaceful here now,thankfully.

       So, all that being said there was a lot of damage
                done especially in Nova Scotia and other parts of the
Atlantic provinces as well So there will be a
lot of cleanup to be done over the next few
          weeks . However, when we see all the devastation
                   in the Bahamas that Hurricane Dorian caused we know
we were very fortunate.
Ocean Song Cottage

                      I am happy that even the garden was unscathed.

                                                        Thank you to all of you that expressed concern
                                                                    for us during the storm.

                                                                                    I have to say it is great to have our
                                                                                    power back  ......we sure do rely on
                                                                                     it for so many things!

                                                                                    Hope you  have a great week!


Saturday, September 7, 2019

Summer Cottage Tea

                                                             Hello everyone,

                                             Last week I took these photos on a beautiful
                                             summery day but as I am posting these it is
                                            a very different story as we are expecting to
                                            be hit by Hurricane Dorian shortly.

Shades of aqua give a beachy vibe and indeed
we are a stones throw from the beach as we
are here at Eventide Cottage for our tea time.

Hoping we have more of these summer cottage
teas before Fall sets in.

                                              We are hoping and praying that the storm
                                               doesn't cause much damage here but we
                                               have been busy taking all garden furniture,
                                               statues etc. in and stocking up on water and food.

                                                 I am noticing that our powere has flickered a
                                                few times as I write so I expect many of us will
                                                lose power as the storm hits in earnest.It is raining
                                                 and windy here so the storm is getting closer and
                                                 I have just heard that 200,000 people in Nova
                                                 Scotia have already lost power and the storm has
                                                 been upgraded to a Category 2.

                                                   Here on Prince Edward Island we usually only
                                                 get the tail end of a storm that doesn't do much
                                                  if any damage but this time the prediction is
                                                   more ominous so we are hunkering down
                                                  and praying it doesn't do too much harm in the
                                                  Maritime provinces.

                                                                   Hope and pray everyone stays safe!

                                                                                             Take care,

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

This and That

Hello everyone,

I  can't believe it is already September and
summer will soon be over but for now  the weather
is still lovely  here.

I  am just sharing a few photos that I took in the past
few weeks.

                                                                   Relaxing at the cottage

We continue to make little changes at
the cottage. One of my daughters gave
me an Ikea chair to match the one we 
already had and another daughter gave
me the striped rug on the floor. I bought
a new lamp at Homesense and I can't resist
the striped turkish towels when I see them

The new throw on the back of the Ikea loveseat
was also a gift from my daughter and the Ikea
loveseat was a birthday gift from my husband.
The pretty navy pillows were a gift from a friend
so I have done well in the gift department!

A summer afternoon tea

I love the vintage tablecloth that I
found recently.

Strawberry season is past here now and
I have been picking blueberries on our
own bushes I like this reminder of  the
bounty of summer. Love the Golden
Celebration roses from our garden as well.
Thank you for the nice comments and emails
and I hope you are enjoying these last days
of summer too.