Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Blue and White Afternoon Tea

                                                                           Hello everyone,

                                                   It was another beautiful day today but
                                                   there are still thousands here still without
                                                   power and there are lots of trees still to be cleaned                                                                                    up after Dorian passed by this past weekend.

                  I found this cute teacup mug at the thrift 
                 store today and it inspired me to enjoy  a
little photo shoot.

You probably already know that I
love blue and white so it didn`t
take long to gather up some different
shades and textures of blue and white.

                                                      Well, now it is time to enjoy my
                                                                 afternoon tea in my pretty new
                                                                  teacup mug.

                                                                          Thanks for stopping in,



Barbara Ayers said...

You always have such nice textiles! Do you buy your fabric on PEI? Hope the weather continues fair.
Barbara in SoCal.

Deanna said...

LOVEly Tea Time with you!
I love blue and white as well.
You are an inspiration.
God bless and all the best,

ANN said...

Dear carolyn
So glad Dorian wasn’t the monster storm it was for so many. Thank you for the update. I’m sure preparing by bringing so many things inside was quite a lot of work. Your beautiful blog is a bright spot in my day as always

jennifermj said...

Hi Carolyn,
Reading your post I was reminded that I have the same design in a oversized teacup and saucer. I will get it out and make myself an oversized cup of tea.
Pass the scones, please.
Also I do hope people will have their power restored soon and cleanup is beginning. Living in Buffalo, New York I have lived through many ice storms, blizzards and bad snow storms. They are miserable, especially with no electricity. Prayers to all that were affected by this powerful storm.

Kamila said...

Dzien Dobry, z przyjemnością oglądam Twoje dodatki, dbasz o szczegóły. Piękny dom, piękle otoczenie! Pozdrawiam z PL

Joy B said...

Love the mug and all the blue and white! I hope things can soon get back to normal following the storm.

janet of maisonvogue.net said...

Hello Carolyn ...What a gorgeous teacup ...as I collector of tea cups I just love this one ...your photo shoots always warm my heart ..

So happy to know that you are safe after Dorian

It's a hot day today down here in Alabama at 97ºf

Happy Days Janet

Maggie Ann said...

Lovely photos as always, and as always....such a treat to see!