Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Lilac Bouquets in the Boathouse

I am back with more lilac bouquets
as the season is almost over for the
French  lilacs so I need to capture
their beauty while I can.

The Boathouse always looks
pretty with some bouquets
placed around to enjoy.
                                                              The little conservatory at
                                                              the back gets lots of light
                                                              so it is a good place to take
                                                              photos even on a cloudy day.

Sensation lilacs and a snipet
of azalea blossoms.
Did you notice that the Sensation
lilacs are purple edged in white?

The pink lilacs in the foreground
are not as common around here,
but I love them too!
I love this old cupboard/small dresser
that I got at a yardsale a few years ago~
I think it is perfect for the Boathouse.

      Time for tea anyone?

Hope you have a great day!



The Victorian Girl said...

I wish we had lilacs here in Texas! They are so beautiful!

Jo said...

I love the variety of lilacs you have. I didn't know there were pink ones!

Linda Shukri said...

Love the photos! love lilacs! Alas...I've moved to SC (was on PEI for almost 9 years - originally from Massachusetts)...and it's too hot for lilacs down here. I'll have to put in something else to take its place. love the photos of your home and property. :-) <3

Kit said...

Our Lilacs are done so I'm happy to enjoy yours! So lovely. :) Kit

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

They are all so pretty! I can almost smell them! We had a few this year but not many.. our one bush is just now recovering from a major transplant 2 years ago (done in the heat of summer). Maybe next year we'll have some. I LOVE the pink ones.. would love some pink ones and white ones. I think there are even yellow ones and I want to check into getting some! How pretty would that be? Your boathouse is so sweet as always... xoxoxo Marilyn

Deanna said...

Gorgeous!!! Lilacs are gorgeous to look at and that fragrance is blissful.