Saturday, April 6, 2019

By the Pond

                   Happy weekend!

                        I hope you are enjoying your weekend.
                         We have lost most of our snow here but
                                   we still have ice in the pond .....we need a few
                            days of warmer weather before it melts.

                                 The photo above was an early morning shot
                                with a mist rising off the pond.....a relaxing
place to sit for awhile.

                                                                 Iris growing around the pond.

                                                         A peaceful evening by the pond.
                                                             A spring shot with a young
                                                             crab apple tree in bloom.
                                                           As soon as the ice starts to melt
                                                           in the pond we have a pair of
                                                           Canada geese and a couple of ducks
                                                            that return to nest by the pond.
                                                            It is fun to watch them grow.
                                                            We planted some lupins around the pond.

                        Our Boathouse reflected in the pond.

       I took this shot  the middle of
       April a year or two ago when
we had a late snowfall.

                                              I love when the pond is ice free but we
                                                       have either a late snow fall or an early
                                                       winter snow fall.

                                                       I enjoy seeing the beauty of the pond in
                                                       all the seasons and watching the wildlife.

                                                                      I hope you enjoyed relaxing
                                                                      by our pond with me today!



Fid"s said...

nice picture

Linda said...

Spectacular, Carolyn! So serene...
We wish you & Andrew a peaceful & relaxing Sunday
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

celkalee said...

As always, your photo's inspire! Beautiful gardens. Thank You.

Nancy MacPhee said...

I so love your blog and all your photography. My husband Cyril MacPhee was born and raised in Charlottetown but the military took him away from home and now he lives here in North Bay Ontario, my home town. I show him your pictures and he says I am coveting your home and property and I say it's a little piece of heaven right here in Canada. We still have so much snow in Northern Ontario this year. Snow is slowly receding from my flower gardens. I can't wait to get my fingers in the soil. Thank you for responding to my previous message about when you might have your garden tour this year. As it turns out my husband has just started a new job (he is retired from military now)and won't get vacation time this summer as a new employee so we likely won't be able to travel to PEI this year. Maybe next year! I was wondering how you keep your gardens watered and so beautiful. Do you let the rain take care of it or do you have a sprinkling system? Also do you fertilize your plants? Look forward to hearing from you.
Nancy MacPhee

Sandy said...

I love your garden, pond and boathouse. So very beautiful and peaceful. Thank you!

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

Oh so beautiful! I LOVE and NEED water around me. You are so lucky and blessed to have a pond to gaze at every day! Love the reflections.. and love the flowers that grace your pond. Every season brings to it an entirely unique beauty. xoxo Marilyn

Maristela Guilherme said...

Que lugar lindo!
É um lugar abençoado. Parabéns por conservá-lo.
Boa semana.

DEEPIKA said...

u live ur life should live....
peaceful with family...n nature

Zaa said...

Your photos are so beautiful and love the transition from Spring to winter shot... Your pond and setting is such a lovely spot to daydream Artists paradise...beautiful...Thanks for sharing.

A Romantic Porch said...

I dream of visiting your beautiful garden. Carolyn, you are ALWAYS a favorite.
Happy day! Rachel