Thursday, April 25, 2019

Blue & White Cottage by the Sea

               Hello everyone,

               I hope you all had a lovely Easter. It has
                       been awhile since I last posted here as spring
chores and projects took over.

                We took a day to clean up the cottage for
          the season a week or so ago so I am
           looking forward to being able to stay
       over there and relaxing for awhile.

                 This will be our 3rd summer for
         enjoying our little cottage.
                It was a fixer upper so it wasn't
            all just about relaxing but we
                       enjoyed seeing it all come together.

                                      As you can see we went with a blue 
                                    and white theme which I find so relaxing.

We still have some projects to finish
but in the meantime we can enjoy
the peace and beauty.

The needlepoint sailboat pillow was a thrift
find .....all I had to do was
make it into a pillow.

I enjoyed finding furniture etc. for
the cottage at yardsales etc. and
giving them a coat or two
of white paint.

I love this hedge of hardy roses and am
so glad that someone had the foresight
to plant them years ago.

It is a lovely place to enjoy tea time.

But you will often find me enjoying this view
at the front of the cottage on beautiful summer

Couldn't resist some sailboats inside.

                                            I love watching the sailboats go by.

                                                     I have been busy with garden cleanup,
                                                     furniture painting, a bedroom makeover
                                                     some sewing and Easter so I hope you
                                                     don't mind that I have been absent lately.

                                                       On a different note, our garden is
                                                        popping a little more each day.
                                                        Soon, I will be able to pick my first
                                                        bouquet of daffodils for the season.

                                                                Hope you are enjoying your week
                                                          and thank you for visiting me.




Erin said...

Could you tell me what kind of paint you use for your furniture. It always looks perfect!!

Tyaloo said...

Is your garden open for tourists this summer?

Linda said...

Hi Carolyn!
It looks so serene and beautiful by the ocean. I hope next time we come to PEI, I'll get to see this little piece of heaven that you and Andrew have created. I love the blue and white, too - perfect for seaside living. And, that pillow you made! It's absolutely gorgeous! Cheers to a lovely weekend and a glorious crop o' daffodils this year.
Wishing you a beautiful day,
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Angela said...

Lovely photos! You have invested a lot of time and love at this place!! Did you got that chair already slipped covered? I would love to have slip covered furniture...we have cats :( Thank you for sharing.

Carolyn said...

Hi Erin,
Thank you! I usually use Benjamin Moore paint and sometimes make my own chalk paint with it for furniture.
Have a great weekend!

Hi Linda,
Hope you can make the the trip over to the Island soon!


Hi Angela,
Thank you.... we do enjoy it! The chair came slip covered from IKEA.

hope you have a great weekend!

Carolyn said...

Hi Tyaloo,
This is the first year in many years that we are not
doing our tours. I plan do do one or two open garden days,and see how our summer goes.
Thank you for your interest,

CHERI said...

I am in love....and envious!!! Your cottage is absolutely gorgeous and looks so very peaceful. I could live and die there happily:) What a talented lady you are.

Celestyn said...

I really love your cottage, it looks so nice. Wish I had one too :)

Sandi from the Cape said...

Here's to many more posts featuring your beautiful cottage by the sea! It's so beautiful and I enjoy seeing what you change and add! Enjoy spring!

Carolyn said...

Thank you Sandi and Celestyn , I am happy you enjoy seeing our cottage......lots more pics to come as the season arrives.
Thanks everyone for your visit.

Terry L. said...

I love your cottages! I saw where you mentioned making curtains for the cottage. I have an old (Touch and Sew) Singer machine and was wondering if I should get it fixed or buy new?

Larain said...

It certainly sounds like the place to be, I love your blue and white scheme. Thank you for sharing I am so envious.

LARAIN. Dowuder

Stephanie said...

Your beach cottage is my dream beach cottage! If I am ever fortunate enough to own one, it will be decorated in your style!!!! I love everything that you have done with it. I hope that you get to enjoy it for many, many years to come!!!