Friday, March 8, 2019

For the Love of White

            Hello everyone,

    How quickly the week has flown
by here. We are still having below
          normal temperatures but lots of sunshine
              and the promise of warmer weather coming
soon is a cheery thought.

                 I haven't been taking as many photos lately
                 so I am sharing a white theme today of some
of my shots from the past.
A corner of the sunroom.

        A romantic white vignette.

This is a summer white tea that I
had several years ago in my early
days of blogging. 
I set up in The Gardener's Cottage
for this tea. 

I always smile at this photo of my
    granddaughter Lila enjoying a white
tea in the sunroom a few years ago.
          Her vintage white dress was a thrift 
store find.
Lila just turned ten but I am happy to
say she still enjoys a tea party.

This is one of my favorite photos of
our little Gardener's Cottage.

    A white beachy tea time.

Our dining area of the kitchen

I love to see the sun streaming in
just in time for tea!

Sorry, I have been a lazy blogger
lately.....not sure where the time
goes but hopefully, I get a good
dose of spring fever soon!

I hope you have a great weekend
and thank you for visiting.

If you would enjoy more whites
check out my pinterest board
For the Love of White.

Take care,


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Carolyn, your whites are all so beautiful! Hard to believe Lila is ten. I remember when she was born. Nice she still enjoys a tea party. My little granddaughter loves a tea party too but we only get to have a tea party every couple of years because she lives out on the west coast. It's a beautiful day and I'm looking forward to Spring. Enjoy your weekend.

ClaudiaMorningstar said...

All white room looks great!

ANN said...

I just love all of your white and your Lila is absolutely adorable. Hard to believe she is 10.

Thank you for all of your lovely photographs


Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

It's all so pretty Carolyn! Love all the white on white on white. Your granddaughter looks so sweet in her pretty dress and little white gloves. How fun to have tea with grandma... I'm sure she'll enjoy it forever! I would move into the white bedroom if I could! What a fairytale room that is! We still have a ton of snow here on the ground in central Oregon, plus has been snowing off and on today too. I don't think Spring will show it's head until at least April! I've forgotten what grass looks like!

CHERI said...

I love each and every thing in these photos...especially the sweet tea pots. However, I am a person who has to have color in her environment:) I always seem to drool over "all white" rooms but my husband would never allow that and I couldn't live with it indefinitely. Your photos are always so gorgeous!

Linda said...

Good Day, Carolyn!
This is a favourite photo of Lila & I've always adored that little sheep.
Wishing you a peaceful, relaxing Sunday,
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Sandi said...

You deserve a break! We still enjoy all your photos, enjoy the last of winter!

Susan said...

All white is so clean and neat-looking, Carolyn. I just love it. Your photos reflect a truly pristine beauty. Susan

Twórcza Pracownia Joanny said...

you are the master of cozy houses! Amazing pictures - like in the fairytales :) sooo sooo nice :)