Monday, June 18, 2018

Lilac Tea at Ocean Song Cottage

     Hello everyone,

It is lilac time here on the Island so
  I have picked a big bouquet to enjoy
with my afternoon tea at our little
Ocean Song Cottage.

We are having some very cool nights with below
freezing temperatures even one night last week
and since we are in a low lying area some of my
lilac blooms were destroyed so I will have to
enjoy the ones that survived. I think the last
time that happened was over 20 years ago.

I love the fragrance as well as the beauty
of lilacs. 
I am using blue and white as my tea time

There are still some late tulips
blooming in our garden.

I can no longer send my photos over to my blog from
Picasa so it is taking me much longer to load them
from photoshop as I can only send one at a time from there.
Probably there is a faster way that I haven't figured out
yet though.
Is anyone else having that problem with picasa?

Wishing you a lovely week!



Bernideen said...

Dear Carolyn:
I always look forward to your lovely lilacs and bouquets with them.
Picasa ceased earlier this year. I had it for a long time too. I had to get something else and so I go PicMonkey for like $49.00 a year. I think you would like it and pick it up quickly as it is slightly similar.

Sandi said...


firefly819 said...

Picasa has been retired since 2016. it is no longer supported by Microsoft and updated periodically. It can now become corrupted. Picasa downloads supposedly available on the Internet are foreign knockoffs. They are NOT supported by Microsoft. I was able to download Google photos app, which is totally supported by Microsoft) and retrieve many of my picasa files. (This service was provided by Microsoft when picasa was permanently retired). I would advise you to backup all your photos and files to disks if you have a PC. I also highly recommend that you use ICLOUD as a backup continuously. i switched from a pc to an IMAC and was able to retrieve all my files and photos from ICLOUD. I worked for a museum digitizing thousands of historical photos. Technology moves faster than we think. Sometimes, if something is working (my old Picasa setup) we don’t respond to Microsoft updates or notifications). I neglected to respond as quickly as I should have when Microsoft notified me that Picasa was being permanently retired and replaced with Google photos. Now, I pay attention to all tech updates and notifications. Please note: software that is not supported or that cannot be updated is actually useless.
Pic monkey does cost but it is very user friendly and maybe much more so than Photoshop.

Carolyn said...

Thankyou for
the good info Bernideen and Firefly.
I have used picmonkey in the past did
find it user friendly but later found a
couple of my photos on pintrest with
picmonkey written on them so am concerned
about losing photo ownership.....does anyone
know about that?

firefly819 said...

There are several ways to DISCOURAGE photo theft.
1. Watermark all photos with your logo or brand.
2. Disable right click. This makes upload pathway more difficult.
3, Post small images. If the thieve tries to enlarge them, they are often grainy and not worth reposting.

An unscrupulous thief can get around most deterrents. But often the three examples above discourage the pilfering by the “honest” thief.

The internet offers lots of help and tutorials on how to apply watermarks, right-click disable (Java script) and posting small pixel images.
I thoroughly enjoy every photo that you post. Your images are quite lovely so I understand your hesitancy to use various photo apps. there is an app to add watermarks to Pickmonkey photos.

Sandi from the Cape said...

So nice to see your lovely blooms as ours have gone last month here on Cape Cod! I'm hoping you'll show more of your darling Ocean Song cottage in future blogs!

Billie said...

Exquisite! I love your blog and look forward to reading it. Have a wonderful day.

Maarit said...

What a lovely soft shades of colour!

hyacinthb said...

Your lilacs are lovely. Glad some survived. We are in 90s in Georgia, so was a little wistful hearing of your cool temps.
With the heat and humidity, spending much time working in the garden in the garden is not very nice except for early morning.

Louca por porcelana said...

Magnificent vignettes!Adorable flowers!Hugs!

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

Such lovely photos as usual! I love the lilacs with the blue and whites at your cottage. I always look forward to your beautiful posts and collages. I don't and never did use Picasa. I store all of my photos right on my computer in folders. If I want to use them on my blog, I resize them to a smaller size and then add a watermark. If it's an especially spectacular photo, I add watermarks all over it, but I didn't know about the right click disable, which is a really good idea and would prevent people from copying or saving your photo as theirs! I'm going to look into that for sure! Your photos are all so magazine worthy... I can see why you want to protect them.

I back up all my photos on an external hard drive that I just plug into my computer once a month and back everything up. I also put my most special ones on a separate thumb drive. I know there is the cloud and all that, but I'm not used to using that yet and keep forgetting. I did use Dropbox but it messed up some things so I quit using it.

Have a great beach stay! Marilyn

Kit said...

Oh what a lovely set up! So pretty and since all our lilacs are done for the year, I will enjoy yours. :) Kit

Angela said...

I'm sorry some of your lilacs were destroyed by the weather. We're having trouble here with the flowers not being able to survive the nearly constant rain.
The flowers that did survive look beautiful!

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Wait....what????? YOU had temperatures BELOW freezing in June, Carolyn? And you still have tulips?


Last week was so hot I became sick to my stomach just being in it for a short while. That bad bad heat and a cool front collided and it rained as though we needed to build Noah's Ark!!

Finally FINALLY today was absolutely perfect. So we had a pool party bbq and only came in because we had to get ready for bed. Wish it had been Saturday and not Sunday that was so perfect.

Anyway, your tea time - as always - perfect.

Love PicMonkey and never heard about pics being stolen - figures - no one wants to do their own work. Such a sin.

Good luck with the changes. My best to you always.