Friday, June 8, 2018

Apple Blossom Tea

Hello everyone,

I hope your June is going well.
June is my favorite month of the
year as the Island looks so lush
green and beautiful!
Also, our garden takes on a
life of it's own with lots
still to look forward to.

It has been quite awhile since I posted
here but there is so much to do
right now that it is hard to find
the time and I confess that the less I
post the less I even think about my
poor little blog.

We have had an unusual spring here as
we had ice in our birdbath a few nights
ago and some of  our trees got hit with
a heavy frost . The buds on my yellowbird
magnolia were froze and that has never
happened to it before. Thankfully,the lilac
buds looked limp but have recovered.
They will soon be blooming and I am
looking forward to big bouquets of

Anyway, it is tea time  and the
apple blossoms are in full bloom
here now so I picked a small

                                                          I see the rain has stopped so my tea time
                                                                     is over as I can get out and enjoy doing
                                                                     some gardening now!

                                                                                    Thank you for stopping by,



My Cozy Corner said...

I have missed your posts, but I know you are so busy with your spring garden. I live in California, and we are almost finished gardening. In my zone 9, the temps will be over 100 degrees in a few weeks. It is a dry heat, so we do gardening in the morning and come into the air conditioning in the afternoon. Thanks for sharing and have a beautiful summer.

sarah said...

It's good to be busy in the garden. It's winter here and my poor flowers were quite battered by a recent storm. I love your teapot.

CHERI said...

It's always amazing to me how different the weather can be in different states. It is already very hot here in the south...and the gnats are out in full force! I'm already looking forward to FALL, my favorite time of year. Your pictures are always so beautiful!

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

What beautiful pictures.

I sure wish I could see your gardens in the summertime, Carolyn. It is on my bucket list! : - )

Hope all the tours and such are going well for you. Hugs.

Unknown said...

I was so happy to see your new post this morning. Your pictures are so pretty. I hope the trees and flowers recover from the weather. It's always a joy to read about your home and garden.

hyacinthb said...

Such a treat to see your post and lovely photos in my mailbox. Here in GA we are in full blown summer, very hot. fortunately we have had rains so my flowers (and weeds!) are doing well. I hope you will have time to post more on your lovely gardens soon.

Annelies said...

Your posts are a refresh to my heart and a sweet cup of tea!!!! I sooooo appreciate your effort in posting. You can not know how many you bring joy to, including my darling 95 year old Mom ( Oma) . Sending our love.

Kit said...

Oh how pretty! We are still rather cool up here in Montana too. But everything is green and lovely. :) Kit

Doranma said...

It's good that you are, I missed you. Your photos are so beautiful. Our apple trees have blossomed at the beginning of May, exceptionally early this year. Regards

Eco_Ali said...

Hello Carolyn, I think one of your photos showed up on Facebook and I saved it to my page and my computer. I am now inspired to rearrange the furniture in my little summer house out back and paint the inside. Dont get too busy.. there's got to me a whole lot more like me who find your photos and your life so refreshing. Thanks for sharing.
Eileen in New Jersey USA

Louca por porcelana said...

How delicate and beautiful!