Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Charm of Winter

       Hello everyone,

This morning we woke up to our first real
snowfall, although we had a dusting a
few times it was followed by rain.

                                                               As someone who enjoys snow in winter
                                                               I bundled up and went out with my camera
                                                               to enjoy the beauty.

                                                                    I gathered up some of my favorite
                                                                    plaids to add color to our snowy
I love this old coal hod filled with
greenery from the garden and
sprinkled with snow.

This old plaid throw was bought in Scotland
many years ago by my husbands Scottish 
Skating season has begun but today
my old skates are purely decorative.

                    The old birdhouse looks charming
    with greenery and snow.

I took a walk down to our pond to
see if the ice was solid but have to
wait awhile yet to go skating on it.

The Boathouse door in winter


                                         I think I will grab my camera and get back
                                                    out there for a bit because alas there is rain
                                                    headed our way again soon.
                                                               Do you enjoy snow too ?

                                                                 Hope all your Christmas plans
                                                                 are going well.....it will be here
                                                                 before we know it!
                                                                                Take care,



Down Raspberry Lane said...

What lovely photos you take! I especially love the blue boathouse door with the blue skates, but everything else looks lovely too. I'm a lifelong Minnesotan, and I do love snow! I even like to shovel it. I don't like driving in it after (or during) a storm, but now that I am retired, I usually can choose to stay home. Someday I hope to visit your beautiful part of the world. - Cheryl

Debra@CommonGround said...

such a perfect winter setting. LOVE the arbor gate with the bird house on top. Plaid blankets and those adorable robin's egg blue skates are the icing on that snow-y winter "cake"! Merry Christmas, Carolyn!

Louca por porcelana said...

Great GREAT pics!

VJ said...

These beautiful winter photographs would make lovely Christmas cards! My Mom brought a couple of red plaid blankets with her from Glasgow, Scotland, when she came to Canada as a war bride. I wish we still had them. They look awesome against the snow in your photographs. Great shots! Merry Christmas!

Tonita said...

What a beautiful winter wonderland you have there. Such beautiful pictures, perfect for welcoming the winter season.

Deanna said...

Always Lovely!!!
Merry Christmas,

filcowy kufer Hogaty said...

Lovely photos. In Warsaw we haven't snow :( Snow gives special magic atmosphere

Wildflowerhouse said...

Once again beautiful photos. I miss snow. I used to skate everyday when I lived in Minnesota. Thank you for sharing your beautiful place with us. Happy holidays!

kindredspirits said...

Hi Carolyn: I didn't get a chance yesterday to drop back before leaving Heather's to say Merry Christmas to you. I also want to invite you to come by any time to see #2 Grafton. I would love to have you for a cup of tea. Just come and ring my 'pretty' doorbell. Merry Christmas! Sharon J

Kit said...

Oh my! I love your blue skates, and all your photos are wonderful. I love snow and we received our Christmas snow so I am happy.Have a very Merry Christmas! :) Kit

Patricia said...

Are you images taken on a camera or a phone? Do you have large files of them that could be used in a magazine. I really like your snow images and still life in snow photos. can you let me know best way to contact you privately to find out? I would need to hear from you urgently please.
Patricia,magazine picture editor, LONDON