Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Blue & White Easter Bunny Tea

                          Spring is in the air here with the
                                   promise of some double digit( Celsius
                           temperatures here in a few days.)
                                   I see daffodils poking up in the garden
                              as soon as the snow melts off them

                As you may have noticed I
                  enjoy little vignettes around
             our home and when time
                     allows I play with my camera
       taking shots of them.

                   The Bunny plate is from Homesense ~
                it seems I either shop at thrift stores
or at our local Homesense.

Blue and white is one
of my favorite color

Vintage teacup

I love this small teapot with
the teacup under it.

                                                        Well, now that my Easter Bunny Tea is over
                                                                    I better get back to my painting .Today, I hope
                                                                    to finish our bathroom makeover. The toile
                                                                   wallpaper is gone and it just needs another
                                                                   coat of paint on the wainscoting.  I will share
                                                                   some pics soon.

                                                                                 Today, I am joining  Bernideen's
                                                                                  Friends Sharing Tea party.

                                                                                           Thank you for stopping by!



Bernideen said...

Everything sure looks like spring here on your blog! i was hoping to be outside this week but rain, rain and rain. So see - not just snow but rain can keep one out of the garden too! Such a sweet bunny posting! Thanks for sharing and linking.

Angie Berry ~ A Vintage Journey said...

I'm glad you love little vignettes and thankful to you for sharing them with us! The teapot with the teacup underneath is adorable!

Deb said...

Very pretty.

Hos Villa Fryd/ Charlotte Neve Grün said...

So lovely easter Carolyn

Nice day

Jean | said...

Carolyn, I have an "inherited" addiction to blue and white china! I love your vignettes, so beautifully done.

living from glory to glory said...

Oh, how very wonderful to see your photos on the front of one of the best home magazines...
I always enjoy the blue and white combo myself, but Roses always pull at my heart strings!
May your Spring be filled with warmth and life and I always wish the daffodils would stay around for a bit longer!
Warmly, Roxy