Monday, April 17, 2017

A Gardener's Tea

Hello again,

I hope you had a lovely Easter filled
with joy and the wonder of the Cross.
We had our family here after church
for a lovely potluck brunch.

Today, there was time to enjoy afternoon
tea with a beautiful bouquet of pink
tulips, lavender, and herbs.

And of course, a pretty teacup
to enjoy my tea.

The Romantic Language of Flowers
to peruse (Thank you Cheryl)   

American Beauty is my teacup of
choice today. (Thank you Linda).
So nice to have friends that
know me so well!

Taking a few moments to reflect on
all the garden beauty that will be
happening soon!

Yesterday, we had our family ......all 27
of us for brunch so I set up
4 casual tables to enjoy
lots of good food. I wish
I had time to take some pics
of the food......we have
some good cooks in the
family and it was a 
colorful display.

Garden season has arrived !
We had some great weather
last week so there is a lot
happening out there! There
is always lots of raking and
cleanup at this time of the year.
The birds are busy building nests
and the pond is all thawed and the
ducks are enjoying it.
Spring cleaning indoors will soon
be done . 

And last but not least we have been working
on our little Ocean Song Cottage.
This is the little nook we are working
on now. This was an open deck before
and my husband and son enclosed it
I painted and made curtains for it but
we are building a platform for a queen
built in bed this week so for now
there is just a single bed in there.
Someday, I will share the before and
after as we put our own stamp on this
little cottage by the sea!

I am excited to have our garden feature
  in Victoria hit the stands here tomorrow 
      as my copy has not arrived yet. 

Thank you to all who left good wishes
for Easter .

Take care,



My Cottage Diary said...

I just picked up the new Victoria today, Carolyn, and am looking forward to reading the article about your garden. The cover of this issue is especially pretty. I plan on going through the magazine slowly and savoring every word and photo! Blessings, Bess

Michele said...

Oh, Carolyn- that is soooooo exciting about your feature in Victoria magazine! I squealed so loud my husband left the room ( I was once a cheerleader so I can be rather loud, sorry to say, haha.) ANYway, the next thing I know he quietly go get a copy of Victoria for me!!!!!!!!!!! He knows I adore you!

I let my subscription run out. I am needing to renew, we can't have him doing this sweet thing for me again.

And, not to overlook your amazing teacup (thanks, Linda, we love Carolyn's teacup too) and your amazing holiday tables - absolutely lovely photos.

Cindy said...

I will have to pick my copy of the magazine! I love seeing your beautiful pictures here and will love to see them in print!

Dorota said...

Beautiful teacup. Lovely photos.

Carolyn said...

My copy of Victoria arrived a couple days ago and the article is lovely.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I got my copy of Victoria this last week! it's a lovely article!

What a wonderful home you have and room to share it with extended family! Your gardens are beautiful too!

dizzyizzy said...

I received my issue of Victoria last week. I was so excited for it to arrive. I was anxiously awaiting your article. I did not disappoint. It was a lovely article. I always enjoy your beautiful home and garden. Thanks so much for always sharing the beauty.

Rose M. Rodriguez said...

Hello ! Beautiful atmosphere, a time of relaxation and reflection with flowers and our details is a great time, beautiful cup! Greetings, Rose M.

Natureluvr57 said...

I love that teacup! I love roses so that's no shock. I went to the store yesterday and picked up the May/June Victoria and as I scanned through it I recognized your place immediately. That's my favorite magazine. Such a simple thing as a teacup can make you feel so good. My birthday is in May and I was looking for the Lily of the Valley May teacup on Ebay and found a teacup, saucer, dessert plate that came with a spoon that matched-I never seen the spoon before! I'm so glad I found them. I even ordered an egg cup which I didn't know they made that matches. I am set to celebrate my birthday even if it is only a set for one. I'll be queen for the day so it won't matter that my setting is different from others.

Artjonka said...

Kochana jestem oczarowana , cudo zrobiłas !!!Pozdrawiam cieplutko i zyczę miłego wieczoru <3

Cynthia said...

So excited to see you featured in Victoria. I showed my husband the article, and he thought your gardens and home were gorgeous! Very fitting to have you in this beloved magazine.

Pamela Gordon said...

Beautiful photos and your Easter tables looks so pretty too. I'm sure all the family had a wonderful time together. I must have a look for the Victoria magazine this week. Congratulations on being published in it! I will look forward to seeing your new cottage when it's ready too. Garden season must be crazy busy for you with all the cleanup and checking on plants to see what survived the winter. Enjoy.

Barbara Ayers said...

I'm so looking forward to following along as your gorgeous garden awakes for the season. Keep those pictures coming! Congratulations on the Victoria feature! Warm wishes from Southern California, Barbara

Leanne said...

Your tea cup is gorgeous, so dainty and pretty. Congratulations on your magazine feature, you must be very excited.

Iris said...

I have that very book..I love tea cups .....we had 18 for Easter ran the table from kitchen through to the living room had rom for another table or e drowning on how long they are I like the idea of casual tables around though. we live in such a blessed time the gentleness of the past mixed with the convenience of today.

Georgianna said...

Dear Carolyn, I hope by now you have received your copy of Victoria magazine. I'm sitting with it now and am thrilled and delighted to see the feature on your beautiful garden. And even more special to have a feature in the same issue on my new book. I think it's wonderful that after knowing each other all these years we both are in this wonderful publication and I'm really honored. Your garden and home have been an inspiration for years. Wishing you a truly lovely Sunday!

Unknown said...

I first saw one of your photos on pinterest. It gave me a deep sense of peace. Love the things you post here. I think they represent pure aesthetic art. I hope you get to post on Instagram one day.