Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Touches of Easter Tea & Projects

        Hello everyone,

        I hope your week is going well.

               We have been busy with projects here
    so time seems to be flying by.

         However, I always enjoy a cup
     of tea for my break.

I enjoyed my tea in a pretty
aqua teacup today with a
touch of Easter vignette.

                                                                           Soft and pretty

Yesterday was bread making day.
This week we are enjoying raisin
oatmeal bread.

                                                                   I bought 4 stacking chairs at the Restore  for our
                                                                   little cottage and gave them a makeover.
                                                                   Actually, I only got 2 done but will finish the
                                                                   other 2 tomorrow. I liked the idea of stacking chairs
                                                                   as a space saver for a small space but wanted them to look
                                                                   prettier so I painted them white and then added the blue                                                                                stripes with a number on the back to give them a
                                                                    beachy look.


                                                                         My little granddaughter wanted a pouf
                                                                          for her bedroom but they all seemed
                                                                          expensive to me so when I was at a
                                                                          local thrift shop I saw this footstool
                                                                          that I thought I could over for her and
                                                                         as luck would have it I had picked up the
                                                                         perfect white furry fabric there a couple
                                                                         of weeks ago so I got out my sewing
                                                                         machine and covered it for her. I think
                                                                         it makes a pretty cute pouf for less then
                                                                         $7 dollars. I am sure she will be happy with
                                                                         it and maybe her sister will be putting in an
                                                                         order for one too!

                                                                        I made four new aqua/blue pillows
                                                                        yesterday as well for a more
                                                                        spring like look in our family
                                                                         room. They are made from
                                                                         nice fabric that also came from
                                                                         a thrift shop.

I couldn't resist these cute blue and
white bunny plates for Easter.


I have been enjoying getting
 some projects done for the past
       several weeks but won't mind at all
          when they are done and we can move
on to gardening!

                                                                              Thank you for visiting,



Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Oh, Carolyn - what a sweet and charming post!

I love your pretty china - and your bread looks delish....
and what a GREAT JOB you did with painting those wooden chairs and reupholstering that pouf! well done, ma'am!! : - )

Angie Berry ~ A Vintage Journey said...

Cute Easter. Your bread sounds and looks delicious, yum! I just love your stacking chair makeover, so pretty! I'm really impressed with the fabric you got at thrifts, wow! I guess I just never look all around. I have never seen fabric there. I need to be more observant for sure so thanks for the tip.

Have a wonderful week~

Barbara Ayers said...

So much to love in this post... those stacking chairs are the best, and the bunny plates are adorable. Hope you get out into the garden soon!

Sarah said...

Carolyn, your tea time looks relaxing.
I'd say you found some great deals, and your redo projects are stellar.

Burlap Luxe said...

Oh Carolyn,
It's been forever sense my visit here to you....I discovered you Yeats ago with you featuring your sweet cottage out back and I just right then wanted to move in. So nice to have a visit from you, and to then return to see you too have a thing here for saving a dime or two in a great thrift find is right up there with me as well. In your visit I have to tell you the FRENCH Chest it was a thrift find, more then I pay for a thrift piece but I could resist its shape and sizable slim drawers. The best part was I didn't pay over $50.00 for it and a good sanding off of the old dark stain and a paint finish of white then it fit right in.
Your puff is a fabulous idea and turned out adorable. Love the chairs and they are so fitting with your cottage style. All your creativeness calls for tea time and what better way to enjoy a cup of tea and baked goods relaxing over the beauty you create here.

See you soon dear, now I am going back to catch up on your older postings.
Keep inspiring, a beautifully creative spring to you.