Monday, February 13, 2017

Storm Day Projects

  Hello everyone,

It is a storm day here with the
winds picking up as I write and 
lots of snow coming down. 

A storm day is a good day to get
some projects done so I was happy
to get the chair above recovered as
I had already painted the wood on it
and my husband was home to help with
the stretching and nailing. 
The chair will go in the bedroom we
are still working on slowly.

The chair was a thrift store find and
at $24 I thought it would be a fun

It is hard to tell but the fabric is a soft
grey and cream color.

After finishing my project it was
time for an oatcake and tea.

  You can see the striped fabric better here.

The chair before and after.

As I was working on my project
I enjoyed the smell of homemade
spelt bread baking in the oven.
Baking bread is another favorite
storm day project.

Well, tomorrow is Valentine's Day but
it sounds like another storm day here
so I think we will snuggle in for another
day. I hear there is another possible storm
coming on Thursday....just think of all
the projects we could get done!   

So, what about you......what do you
like to do on a storm day?

Happy Valentine's Day!



Bernideen said...

Snuggling in sounds like a plan! Stay warm and cozy. Your chair sure turned out lovely!

Barbara Ayers said...

We are looking forward to three days of rain soon, and I am planning on starting a lot of seeds. Would love to be tucked in near a wood stove during a big snow storm. Sounds cozy! How did the slipcover turn out? Barbara in California

jankasgarten said...

Happy Valentine's Day, dear Carolyn! 💗

Garden Fancy said...

What a great project -- the chair had such nice lines to start with, and you were able to see how beautiful and graceful it could be with a little paint and new fabric. I love the sense of satisfaction from getting projects done, and a Storm Day is a good time to do them. Hope you enjoy a warm spring before too long! Best, -Beth

Nancy Bailey said...
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Nancy Bailey said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I look forward to a few more rainy days here in northern California (no more storms please!) and I can work on my latest rug hooking project for our new home. Love your inspirational posts - they all help me to decorate in my mind's eye until I can do the real thing. xoxo, Nancy

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

Carolyn, your chair turned out beautiful.. what a great job you did on it and love the white wood with that soft gray and beige fabric. Of course it looks so good in your sitting area.. and love the pillow on it also. The white teacup is awesome! I like to bake sweets on storm days or settle down in my craft room (which I don on most days no matter the weather!). I'm thinking of making chocolate chip cookies today, just because. Sitting by the f/p with a good book on storm days is also wonderful and I can do it now that I'm retired. I remember the days of working when it was storming outside, wishing I was home by the fire! Enjoy your indoor activities during the next few days. We may get more snow too on Thursday. Hugs.. Marilyn

Sandi said...

Such a serene scene! Are the tulips real?

Carolyn said...

Hi Sandi,
Yes, the tulips are real and are grown here locally in a large greenhouse.

Thanks everyone for your visit.