Monday, January 9, 2017

Some Past Garden Favorites

                                                                           Hello everyone,

                                                        I hope you enjoyed your weekend.
                                                        We had a storm day here on Sunday
                                                        with aprox. 36 cm. of snow.The sun
                                                        came out this morning but it was crisp.
                                                        I hear rain is coming in a couple of
                                                        days so it pretty up and down in temperature.

                                                        So, now that I have given you our weather report
                                                        it is on with the show!
                                                         I like to look back at some garden favorites this
                                                        time of year so hopefully you do as well.
                                                          We welcome tulips and daffodils in the spring...
                                                         love the riot of color after winter.
                                                          Iris also bring lots of color early in
                                                          the season.

                                                                       Lilacs put on a great show.

                                                                        Love those foggy mornings!

                                                                       Peony season is one of my
                                                                       favorite times in the garden.
                                                                     I took this shot a few years ago but it
                                                                     is still one of my favorites.

                                                                       Lupins grow wild here but I enjoy
                                                                       them in the garden as well.
                                                                  Of course, I love when the roses bloom
                                                                  in the garden too~ so romantic!

                We enjoy the terrace all summer long.

                 I adore these colors in the garden.

                                                                    Mid July through August the
                                                                    garden has lots of color as so
                                                                    many plants are in bloom.

                 I love this arbor that my husband built.

                                              A good place to sit for awhile
                                                         and enjoy the beauty!

                                                        I have some projects on the go
                                                        as a guest bedroom is getting a
                                                        makeover and a bathroom project
                                                       after that so always lots to do before
                                                       spring arrives and of course I enjoy
                                                       the beauty of winter also.

The brook flowing through our

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Leanne said...

You have so many beautiful flowers.

Cindy said...

Just beautiful! I have a question. Do you get help with the garden work? I do all of mine (except for mowing and heavy work) but my garden isn't near as big as yours. How do you do it???

dizzyizzy said...

Just what I needed on a cold wintery day!

Paula Barin said...

What a breath of fresh air on a cold winter day. Your gardens bring hope of an early spring.

Sandi said...

:) so delightful to see spring in winter!

krishna said...

so beautiful gardens... my garden is in very bad shape.. I'm eagerly waiting for spring..

Please visit:

Carolyn said...

Hi Cindy,
Thank you! My husband and I do almost all the work ourselves but occasionally our son helps us. We do put in a lot of hours especially in spring but we enjoy it.
Thanks for your visits.

Barbara Ayers said...

Hi Carolyn,
I have a question, too. I garden in a very different climate from you. When do you get the first blooms of the year on PEI? Thanks for your beautiful pictures,

Dee Nash said...

Just lovely. I blog about gardening, and I collect transferware too. I found your blog through Pinterest. Your garden is lovely. Thank you.~~Dee

Terry L. said...

Your your gardens are gorgeous and take alot of attention therefore no moss grows under your feet😊 Terry