Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Beautiful Long Winter Drive

    Hello everyone,

We had an earlier start than usual
to our winter here in eastern Canada
and I really enjoyed the beauty of
As many of you know we drove to
Quebec City which is a 9 hour drive
from our home on Prince Edward
Island. So, on the long drive home
I entertained myself by setting my
camera on sports and taking a few
pics along the way.
I thought it was all breathtaking
and really enjoyed the drive.

The photo above was the only one
taken before we left for home.
I spotted this windmill on the
Isle d ' Orleans.

The rest of the photos were taken between
Quebec City and the border of New Brunswick.

                                                                           You can see it was a beautiful winter
                                                                         Love this church steeple.
                                                                  Some day, I would love to go back and
                                                                  take the road less traveled
                                                                I am quite sure I could have got some
                                                                amazing shots if the car didn't have
                                                                a heavy foot on the gas pedal! Ha! Ha!

                                                                  I love all the silos too.


                                                     It is a beautiful sunny day here
                                                                today and after my walk I enjoyed
                                                                a quick look back at these shots of the
                                                                drive home from our winter holiday......hope
                                                                you enjoyed the journey as well!

                                                                                   Take care,


The Victorian Girl said...

Beautiful photos! Down here in East Texas we rarely get any snow, so it's nice to be able to enjoy all the sights without feeling the actual COLD!

Lorenza Marengo said...

It's so beautiful!!!! ❤

Lorenza Marengo said...

It's so beautiful!!!! ❤

Marilyn Miller said...

So beautiful! I thoroughly enjoyed the journey. Thanks!

agatek said...

Piękny zimowy pejzaż. Pozdrawiam z Polski :)
Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku życzę!

Valentina said...

I really enjoy winter pictures, yours are so beautiful!

dizzyizzy said...

Your photos are amazing!

Julia said...

Empecemos a disfrutar de las pequeñas cosas, así podremos hacer grandes planes para nuestra vida. ¡Este año 2017 será nuestro. Levantemos nuestra copa y brindemos por los que están, por los que ya se fueron y por los que vendrán a nuestras vidas. FELIZ AÑO A TODOS Dejemos pues que este año se marche, y recibamos el nuevo año con entusiasmo, con tolerancia y sobre todo con mucho amor. Gracias por celebrar-lo un año mas conmigo i que los reyes magos hayas sido generosos con todos vosotros.👑👑👑

Charlotte Neve Grün said...

Beautyful photos

Nice day

Carolina Mia said...

Happy New year ...Vera - Czech Republic

domenica.60 said...

Thank you , Carolyn for your pictures. Your country is a magic world ! I've never seen so much snow in my country .