Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Nook Looks

            Hello everyone,

         Over the past few years this little
                    nook in the Boathouse that my husband
                 and son built has had several different
            looks so I thought you might enjoy
a review of them.
             The photo above was taken last year
           as I enjoyed giving the nook a cozy
winter white look.

                                                                        A couple of years ago I used a
                                                                        red and white vintage quilt to
                                                                        give a little pop of color.

                                                                  The first year the Boathouse was built
                                                                  I played with a couple of looks ~ white
                                                                  above and Cabbage roses below.

     A warm and cozy plaid look.

                                                               A mix of red and white checks,
                                                               transferware and toile.

Aqua summer looks.


                                                                A warm and cozy autumn look.

    White Christmas

                                         I hope you enjoyed a look
                                                   back at some of the different
                                                   looks that our Boathouse has
                                                   had over the past few years.    

                                                           Thank you for visiting!



Vee said...

It is so adorable. The autumn plaid one is so cozy that I have had it pinned in my autumn folder for several years and the splashes of red for Christmas are perfection and oh the aquas of obviously provides you a wonderful canvas with which to create. Is it used as a summer bedroom or a cozy place to read or is it more decorative in nature?

Unknown said...


podso said...

I'm not sure which view I like the best. They all are wonderful and it's nice you can make so many changes to them!

Lady of the Woods said...

Everyone is stunning! What a treat to see all those different looks and how beautiful and different they can be! Perfection. Your banner is also absolutely perfect!

Barbara Ayers said...

I especially love the red and white. I have often admired the vintage quilts and pretty textiles you use. Are you finding them on Prince Edward Island? Thanks for sharing your beautiful world!

Evi said...

Beautiful - do you still have your Christmas Blog that I remember from several years ago?

Wildflowerhouse said...

I so enjoy your posts so very much. Just beautiful.

NP said...

Il love so much !

Ginny said...

I would give anything to spend an evening and night just laying by the windows. My favorite are your winter designs! It looks so cozy, and welcoming. Just beautiful!

Unknown said...

So beautiful, I get lost in your serene photos. Your beautiful settings the tender care you take with even the smallest details.

Unknown said...

Stunning! Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photographs with us. Absolutely beautiful. said...

Love this and hope to include something like this in my dreamed of Cottage Homestead on the Joseph and Rosa Wilson Farmstead in Fountain,Colorado. Also encouraged to see your blog come up on Pinterest listing. Hope I can get mine to do that some day.