Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Picnic on the Boathouse Porch

Hello everyone,,

A few days ago on a beautiful calm
evening I thought it would be nice
to enjoy a picnic on the Boathouse

                               It was very calm so the Boathouse relected
perfectly in the pond.

   Before our picnic we need to
 take a walk around the pond
to admire the lupins. 

I loaded up a big tray with our
picnic goodies.

            A sandwich and some sweet
           treats along with lemonade
and a cup of tea.

Pretty china and a bouquet
of lilacs set the mood
for a light picnic.

Cucumber and tomato
sandwiches always hit
       the spot for a casual picnic.

               Go ahead and help yourself!

Sandwiches on a pretty
transferware plate.

                     After enjoying a picnic we can
                   sit by the pond and enjoy the
                             rest of the evening. It is so peaceful
                            here enjoying nature and of course
good company!

                 Thanks for your visit!



Julie said...

Hi Carolyn! My mom and I are long term readers/fans of your blog from Oklahoma. My husband and I are taking a trip to PEI in two weeks and I was wondering if you offer/allow tours of your garden? I do not wish to intrude and completely understand if that is not something you're comfortable with, but I promised my mom I would at least check :)

Madelief said...

How lovely your picknick looks Carolyn! What a delight it must have been to sit there on the porch and admire the lake and your beautiful garden.

Madelief x

Sandi said...

Such treasure...


Oh my word, your lake surroundings are a treasure, like living in a fairy tale and having tea in that darling boat house porch, is simply a dream!
Everything looks yummy on the lovely tray.
Enjoy your Summer,

Carolyn said...

Hi Petite Poisson,
Thank you for your inquiry about a tour. Could you please send me an email
with the date you would be here and we can see what we can work out.
My email is carolyn.mary.aiken@gmail.com

Hope you enjoy our little Island.


Livsnyderhaven.dk said...

Beautiful - I love your blog.

Maria - Denmark