Sunday, June 12, 2016

Blue & White Transferware Tea

               Sunday Blessings,

                      I  am enjoying a cozy afternoon
                           tea indoors as it is cloudy and cool

                       Lupins are blooming well here now
                              and it is easy to pick a beautiful bouquet
to enjoy indoors.

     It is also rhubarb season here.

                            So, I made some rhubarb oatmeal
                       muffins to enjoy with our tea.

                                                                            Some blue and white transferware

                                                                             for tea time.
                                                                              I also made some rhubarb
                                                                              preserves to go with the muffins.

                                                      I hope you are enjoying a relaxing
                                                                 Sunday afternoon tea as well!

                                                                                      Thanks for your visit,



Bernideen said...

Dear Carolyn:
How delicious and I love the red check band on the canning jar and red check lid. Such pretty blue transfer ware. What a delightful post!


I adore tranferware, specially the blue and the red and you have the most beautiful pieces. I need to go around and look for a blue tea set.
The food looks yummy, wish I was having tea with you in that gorgeous setting!

Pamela Gordon said...

A lovely tea for a dreary rainy and cool Sunday!

lorenza marengo said...

I love all!

Lee Caroline - A World of Inspiration said...

So pretty Carolyn, makes me wish our winter in NZ was over but it is just beginning and we don't have the lovely snow that you do, just grey and cold miserable days. However, today was amazing and I didn't even need the heating on which was surprising for this time of year.

Your garden is so inspiring and beautiful.

janet of said...

How gorgeous Carolyn have bought wonderful memories of Rhubarb Mum used to make us Rhubarb and apple pies and my Gran would make rhubarb jam back in Guernsey in the UK that I live in the States in Alabama I have tried to grow it here but it's just too hot mouth is watering ...I guess I can get some frozen one ..if you ever find the time I would love to see your rhubarb and Oatmeal muffins recipe ...they look so yummy ..happy days